The Wednesday Buzz: A ‘Scrubs’ Reunion on ‘Cougar Town’ and More

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If you’re a fan of either “Scrubs,” “Cougar Town” or both, you knew this had to happen eventually, especially when Sam Lloyd appeared on “CT” last year as his “Scrubs” character, hapless lawyer/a cappella singer Ted Buckland. What happens if he rolls into the Florida town where his buddy Travis Cobb (Dan Byrd) lives and sees that his mother’s neighbor Ellie (Christa Miller) looks a heck of a lot like Dr. Cox’s ex-wife, Jordan Sullivan? Then he and his band were recruited by Jules (Courteney Cox) to help Bobby (Brian Van Holt) out by serenading his date Angie (Sarah Chalke), who looks a lot like Dr. Eliot Reid. Would he even notice?

Bill Lawrence decided to address that during the credit tag, where Ted tells Ellie and Angie that he knew two people who looked like them at “my old job” at Sacred Heart Hospital. Then all of a sudden a gardener who looks an awful lot like The Todd (Robert Maschio) comes in, followed by a guy who closely resembles John Dorian (Zach Braff) delivers a pizza, and Ted officially can’t take it anymore.

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