Gingrich is Latest to Criticize ABC’s ‘GCB’ as Anti-Christian

Newt Gingrich speaking in Mississippi (Photo: AP). Inset: Kristin Chenoweth of ABC's "GCB" (Photo: ABC)

GULFPORT, Miss. — Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich is blasting ABC’s new series “GCB” as evidence that the entertainment industry harbors anti-Christian bias.

Gingrich is criticizing the comedy-drama, which premiered last Sunday night (March 4). It's based on a novel titled "Good Christian Bitches." In developing the series, ABC first dropped the word "bitches" from the title and named the show "Good Christian Belles."

Then, the network sought to minimize the attention that would inevitably be paid to the word “Christians” in the title and shortened it to the acronym “GCB.”

But Gingrich is referring to the series by the name of the 2009 novel "Good Christian Bitches." ABC's website describes the series as a "funny, sassy and heartwarming drama."

The former House speaker said no network would run a show with such a title if the word “Muslim” were used in place of “Christian.”

Gingrich complained that anti-Christian bigotry is considered acceptable by the entertainment industry, but Islam is protected.

Gingrich made the comments Friday at a rally in Gulfport, Miss.

Gingrich's comments about "GCB" indicate that the heat being generated by the series is not going to decrease any time soon. In fact, it just might get even hotter now that he's bringing the discussion into national prominence.

Among the first to come out against the show was a prominent New York City councilman, Peter Vallone, who told he wants the show off the air because, he says, it attacks religion.

And Kraft foods earlier this week appeared to be pulling ads for Philadelphia Cream Cheese from the show because of the show’s subject matter. But Kraft later said its decision had nothing to do with the anti-Christian controversy that threatens to envelope the series. (Here’s our story on that.)

What's all the fuss about? You can watch the "GCB" premiere right here to find out:
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