‘Castle’ Creator Promises There Will Be a Castle/Beckett Romance

Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion in the "Blue Butterfly" episode of "Castle" (Photo: ABC)

There will be a full-fledged Castle and Beckett relationship long before the end of the series.

Castle’s” creator, Andrew Marlowe, made that promise to the enthusiastic audience at PaleyFest. The fan-friendly panel featured Tamala Jones (Lanie) singing the song her 1940s alter ego performed in the “Blue Butterfly” episode, a look at the cover of the new Nikki Heat book, “Frozen Heat”, as well as the revelation of the title of the first Derek Storm e-book, “A Brewing Storm.” The Derek Storm books are the series that Castle wrote before he met Beckett, which featured a CIA agent character inspired by Castle’s former lover, Sophia.

Said Marlowe, "I think in any story you're telling, the characters organically suggest where they want to go. We've been watching these guys, watching the relationship evolve. I think the challenge for us has been to find reasons for these guys not to be together and to struggle with when they should be together. There will come a moment where the two of them do get together and there's plenty of storytelling after that. We just want to be true to who the characters are and make sure that any obstacles that get in the way, we're not repeating ourselves."

Marlowe is not concerned that pairing the characters will kill the show’s momentum. “I think the next evolution in their relationship can be just as fun. I’m somebody who doesn’t believe that you wait until the end of the series. I’m not somebody who has ever believed in the curse of ‘Moonlighting.’ ‘Moonlighting’ kind of fell apart because they couldn’t meet their delivery dates.”

The show’s stars shared their ideas about what should happen in Castle and Beckett’s eventual sex scene. Stana Katic wants there to be “kissing. Lots of kissing.” Nathan Fillion had the opposite take: “I think it should be really clumsy, with the two of them knocking stuff over. ”

Marlowe shared the surprising inspiration for the show’s acclaimed episode, “Blue Butterfly,” in which the actors played characters from the 1940s. “In all honesty, the genesis of it was we heard that the ‘Smash’ premiere was going to be up against that episode. We thought we’d better do something really special, something the fans want to see.”

Watch the “Castle” episode everyone’s still talking about, “The Blue Butterfly,” right here:
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Marlowe promised that there will be forward movement in the show's long-term plots. There will be follow-up to Sophia's claim that Castle's father was in the CIA. "I think he's a little mystified, Castle, because if he trusts what Sophia said and his father is in the CIA, how do you find out? That's something we're going to be exploring as we move forward in the series."

In the season premiere, Beckett lied that she had no recollection of Castle saying he loved her and Castle vowed to stop her from investigating her mother's death in order to protect her. Marlowe promised that there will be payoff to both storylines by the end of the season.

"As you guys know, this has been a season of secrets. Castle and Beckett are both keeping a really big secret from each other. The last couple of episodes this season, they start to come out. Both characters, and all the characters around them, will have to deal with the emotional consequences of it. We're really looking forward to bringing those episodes to life, especially for loyal fans of the show to see these characters tested."

Fillion’s “Firefly” co-star Adam Baldwin will be guest-starring on an upcoming episode.

Fillion quipped, "His character is named Detective Slaughter. That kind of says it all. He and Castle are working on a case that Beckett's not allowed to [work]. Slaughter's on a case that really interests Castle . . . I think it's safe to say that parts of his face will be rearranged."

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