‘The Good Wife’: Alicia Tells the Whole Truth About Her Fling with Will

The Good Wife’s” Alicia (Julianna Margulies) found herself in an uncomfortable position with Will (Joshua Charles) this week. Unfortunately, it was on the witness stand, not between the sheets. Special Prosecutor Wendy Scott Carr (Anika Noni Rose) calls her to testify before the grand jury hearing about Will’s corruption charges. But what she really wants to do is grill Alicia about her relationship with Will. In one of the tensest, juiciest scenes in the show’s history, Wendy asks Alicia if she has ever had sex with Will.  Surprisingly, she acknowledges that she has. That’s not good enough for Wendy. She wants to know details: are they still involved, when did they stop having sex, what was their favorite position. Well, okay, maybe not that last one.  Alicia, under oath and unable to take the fifth because having consensual sex is not a criminal offense, has no choice but to answer each humiliating question. Surprisingly, her breaking point comes when Wendy implies that Alicia was given special privileges at Lockhart-Garner because of her relationship with Will. Alicia is perfectly willing to talk about hot scorching hot the sex with Will was, but she will not discuss the reason why her office is on the same floor as the partners. For Alicia, work is more important than sex. So she walks out, daring Wendy to charge her with contempt. Click on the video above to savor the scene in all its glory. Then ask yourself why “The Good Wife” did not win any SAG awards last night. It’s a bigger injustice than Wendy’s witch hunt.

The entire episode, “Another Ham Sandwich”  was one giant highlight reel. Alicia confronted Peter (Chris Noth) about his vendetta against Will, getting him to admit that it was because of Will and Alicia’s relationship. It takes Gingrich level chutzpah for a man who has cheated on his wife with hookers to punish that same wife when she chooses to have a relationship after they have legally separated. So perhaps in season five, Peter will run for president.

Wendy’s case quickly derailed, thanks to Will and Kalinda’s (Archie Panjabi) clever plan. First Will allowed himself to be photographed handing an envelope to one of the judges that he is accused of bribing that turned out to be a donation to UNICEF. Then he proved that the seemingly incriminating files that Kalinda gave Dana (Monica Raymund) last week actually contained e-mails that were doctored to make it look as though e-mails he sent Diane were actually sent to the judge. Kalinda advised Dana to make herself feel better by slapping her in the face. Dana took her up on her generous offer. Unfortunately, Wendy did not take well to being tricked, which is why she decided to grill Alicia about her fun times in the Lockhart Gardner bathroom.

Wendy’s scheme backfired spectacularly. The jurors declined to indict Will because they could not figure out why Alicia was forced to testify when she had nothing to do with the possible bribes. In fact, they wondered why Peter was not the one facing charges. Peter fired Wendy as Special Prosecutor because he was furious that she went after Alicia, especially because, had Will been indicted, Will and Alicia’s affair would have been a matter of public record. Wendy, who at this point is more vengeful than Emily Thorne, decided to report Will’s misdeeds to the bar association.

The promo for the next episode shows Will brandishing Kalinda's Baseball Bat of Street Justice. That can only mean one thing: Will is going to achieve his childhood dream of becoming baseball commissioner.

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