‘Switched at Birth’: Daphne Confronts Angelo

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Wow. What’s next for”Switched At Birth’s” Angelo (Gilles Marini)– tying a woman to the railroad tracks? After discovering that she was only recruited to the big time Buckley basketball team because the school could get a grant for having a disabled student on  the team, Daphne (Katie LeClerc) was feeling like worthless, damaged goods. So she probably was not in the best frame of mind to have it out with the man who abandoned her when she was only three. But that was what she did, and the answers confirmed her worse suspicions. Angelo denied leaving because she lost her hearing. What really drove him away were his suspicions that Daphne was not his biological child. Yes, he walked out because he thought Regina was a lying slut. Then he admitted that he actually did have a few issues with Daphne being deaf. He truly did not seem to get how much damage he had done to Daphne’s self-esteem.

It’s actually refreshing that Angelo is such a jerk. This is the way quite a few men would behave in real life if they believed that they were being duped into raising someone else’s child. TV usually portrays men as jonesing to be parents. They are thrilled when women they had brief flings with years ago show up on their doorstep with a long lost child. They are delighted to become stepparents. This, like so much else about “Switched At Birth” is surprisingly complex and real.  What’s less realistic is just how sketchy Angelo is turning out to be. By the end of the episode, John (D.W. Moffett) discovered that the World’s Worst Dad had seemingly dropped off the face of the earth in 2009. Was he in prison? Did he join a cult? Is he running a con? Whatever he’s up to, he is luring Regina (Constance Marie) back into his life, first by offering to help her start her own salon, then by reminding her of his great, “Dancing With the Stars” twinkle toes.

The police will surely be after Angelo soon, because there is apparently so little crime in Kansas City that a teen can be arrested at his house for tagging a blank billboard weeks earlier. Yes, there was security camera footage of Emmett (Sean Berdy) helping Bay (Vanessa Marano) with her street art project, but it’s not like his face would be recognizable to the police. Apparently, CSI:Kansas City launched a fullscale investigation of what barely qualifies as vandalism. Poor Emmett was handcuffed and taken to the police station. His ordeal was made far worse by his inability to understand what the police officers were saying to him. He ended up with a five thousand dollar fine, which seems excessive for a juvenile with a clean record who did not damage anything. The incident  understandably created a rift between Bay and Emmett, but by the end of the episode he had forgiven her. Emmett is a far, far better person than the rest of us. Angelo could learn a lot from him.


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