Kalinda’s ‘Good Wife’ Choice: Will or Alicia?

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Will’s legal vulnerabilities are finally revealed in this week’s episode of “The Good Wife,” “Bitcoin for Dummies.” After a tense meeting with Wendy Scott Carr (Aniki Rose) and Cary (Matt Czuchry), in which they reveal the names of the three judges that they are investigating. Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) and Will (Josh Charles) have a meeting in Lockhart-Gardner’s seedy underbelly, the parking garage. This time, nobody breaks anybody’s car windows with a baseball bat. Will explains that he brought his friend, a bookie, to his Wednesday night basketball game. Some judges ended up placing bets with him. Coincidentally, the bookie ended up forgiving Will’s eight thousand dollar debt. Will claims he considered it a simple gesture of friendship, because bookies are known for being magnanimous. Why the hell would Will bring a bookie to a basketball game full of lawyers and judges? It may not be illegal, but it sure is stupid. Do you believe that Will is telling Kalinda the whole story?

Protecting Will should be a snap for Kalinda. She has, after all, slept with both State’s Attorney and the Deputy State’s Attorney. Unfortunately, the situation is complicated by faux bisexual Dana (Monica Raymund), who is acting on Wendy’s orders to plant information with Kalinda. At the end of their latest flirtatious cocktail and cat-and-mouse meeting, Dana shows Kalinda the forged document that Alicia (Julianna Margulies) was tricked into signing during last week’s divorce case. She claims it proves that Alicia committed fraud and could be disbarred. If Kalinda gives her the goods on Will, the State’s Attorney will not pursue Alicia. This means that Cary is a dirty dog who testified on Alicia’s behalf last week, then told all of his coworkers how suspicious it was that a missing document turned up in his files. Kalinda crumples up the document.

During a meeting with Will and Elsbeth, Will says that there is one cast that does have some potentially damaging information about him, involving Judge Parks. There is a file that could make him look bad, which he hands over to Kalinda. She asks him what he wants her to do with it. He says he can't ask her to do anything. She hands the file over to Dana. Does it still contain all of the information? Is Will in on this plan to protect Alicia? Does Kalinda's computer expertise, demonstrated during this week's case, which involved bitcoins, mean that she is the one responsible for all of Lockhart-Garner's I.T. problems? We have to wait two weeks for the next episode, but the promo shows Wendy interrogating Alicia in court about whether she had sex with Will!


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