Watch The First Ten Minutes of Next Week’s ‘Revenge’


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The torture that ABC is inflicting on “Revenge” fans borders on cruel and unusual punishment. After the shocking mid-season finale which featured the jaw dropping revelation that Tyler knows absolutely everything about the Graysons, and Emily getting rid of a thorn, or should we say Thorne in her side by alerting Victoria that stripper Amanda is in town, viewers were treated to a shocking, wordless preview of the next new episode, “Duress.” Emily and the Graysons were sitting around a table, dressed to the nines while Tyler was pointing a gun at them. How was anyone supposed to concentrate on the holidays after watching that?

Fortunately, we have the cure for "Revenge" fans who are jonesing for their next fix: the first ten minutes of "Duress." Since ten minutes of "Revenge" features as much action as three episodes of the average show, this is not merely a promo clip. It's a top shelf aperitif. Watch and learn the answers to the following questions:

1) Who does Tyler want to kill?

2) Why is everyone at dinner, and what is the main course?

3) Who does “Alias’s” Merrin Dungey play, and is she more dangerous than Evil Francie?

4) What is the fate of the Nolan-Emily friendship, and what color are his swim trunks?

5) Why is the episode called “Duress”?


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