Cryer on Sheen: Firing Helped Charlie Clean Up His Act

Jon Cryer (Photo: CBS)

Jon Cryer admits he and Charlie Sheen were never close friends, but Cryer says he’s happy that getting fired from “Two and a Half Men” may have saved Sheen’s life.

The New York Post has the story here, adapted from an upcoming interview with Cryer in Esquire magazine. “I believe when they decided to bring in another actor it saved Charlie’s life,” Cryer is quoted as saying. “It must’ve been a huge wake-up call for him. If it helps his life in any way, thank God, because I always liked the guy and he never, ever, did me wrong.”

The Cryer interview is among several cropping up lately that look back at what was probably the most widely covered pop-culture story of 2011 — the meltdown and subsequent firing of Charlie Sheen, TV’s biggest sitcom star, last winter. Besides Cryer, “Two and a Half Men” producer Chuck Lorre is also reminiscing about the Sheen drama lately (as we reported here).

Cryer also shed some light on his relationship with Sheen during the years they co-starred together on “Men.” He said they weren’t friends, which is always interesting because there’s often a belief among the general public that movie and TV co-stars do become close, though more often than not, that’s not true.

Says Cryer, "Charlie is a very functional guy. He always nailed his takes - often in less time than everybody else. He was prepared, and a very warm guy. We didn't hang out, really, because at the end of the day I was tired and I'd go home to sleep. That was the beginning of the day for him."

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