‘The Good Wife’: Who Will Be Alicia’s New Special Friend?

The Good Wife (CBS)

The Good Wife (CBS)

Last week, Alicia (Julianne Margulies) dumped Will (Josh Charles). In this week’s episode of “The Good Wife,” “What Went Wrong” Alicia realizes that, for her, alone is a synonym for lonely. Who will be her new companion? Her first option, a cable movie about Joan of Arc — a cautionary tale about a woman going it on her own in a man’s world — proves a poor substitute for dirty bathroom sex with Will. So she moves on to gay brother Owen (Dallas Roberts). Owen tells her to call Will. She tells Owen she’s not in love with Will so definitively that it seems to permanently sink their ship. They agree she needs friends. Before Owen can set up a play group, Alicia is called into the case of the week.

Lockhart-Gardner is representing a police officer, Lauren, who is accused of murdering her husband for insurance money. The judge accepted Diane's argument that the jury can only consider a charge of first degree murder. Cary, concerned the trial went badly, offers a plea bargain of second degree murder with a four-year sentence. With good behavior, she will be out in one. The client decides to roll the dice. Bad move. She is found guilty. They poll the jury. Juror number five seems nervous. Juror number twelve initially says not guilty. They decide to figure out what happened in the jury room before the sentencing.

Justin, the Legal Aid attorney (Romany Malco), persuades a courthouse employee to give him the garbage from the juror room. This garbage archeology reveals that the jurors went from nine not guilties to ten guilties in a round of voting. Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) talks with juror number five who writes a blog about buttons. She says the jurors didn’t buy the testimony of Lauren’s police partner who provided her alibi, finding him unreliable. The foreman, a construction worker that Kalinda interviews on the job, corroborates that story; the policeman was convincing in person but his testimony wasn’t when they read it. Cary (Matt Czuchry) arrests her for interfering with a public employee. Diane (Christine Baranski) tells the judge that juror five should be kicked off because she blogged about being a juror. Improbably, 45,000 people read the button blog. The judge says he would he love to overturn the unjust verdict but he needs more of a reason. Dana (Monica Raymund) tells Wendy (Anika Noni Rose) that she thinks she found another judge Lockhart-Gardner bribed. Wendy asks the judge if anyone tried to bribe him. He says no and accuses her of attempting to pressure him to side with the prosecution.

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Alicia has lunch with friend candidate number two, a suburban divorcee from her housewife days. She talks about the tribe in South China where woman control sexuality. She seems fun, but Alicia rejects her application for BFF.

Alicia next tracks down the Mustard Seed and tells him to stay away from Grace. He says that "her assistant Kalinda" already ripped into him when she found Grace. Zach confirms that Kalinda found Grace. Hey, Alicia, looks like you already have a great friend. Dana moves Kalinda out of her holding cell. Alicia, who has volunteered to pay her bail, threatens to bring a class action suit against Cary for moving arrestees. He caves and brings Kalinda to her. She and Alicia have a rapprochement of sorts. Alicia thanks her for finding her daughter. Kalinda tells her that she's still the same person that she was when Alicia found her. She helped because she could.

At Lockhart-Gardner, Will and Alicia agree that things will not be awkward between them. Alicia seems disappointed that he's not having a nervous breakdown about the end of their relationship. Diane tells her to get serious about the partner track. She has potential, but can't get distracted by her personal life.

Justin finds a written threat from the foreman to juror twelve change his vote. Twelve tells the judge that he was given a note ordering him to change his vote but unconvincingly claims he was not influenced by it.The judge, cowed by Wendy, says it is not enough. Kalinda finds the foreman's cache of internet searches from a cafe near the courthouse. It contains articles about Lauren's partner, who shot a kid. That was what caused the jurors to discount his testimony - a blatant case of jury misconduct. But it's Alicia's discovery that the judge "friended" the button juror on a social media site, not realizing who she was, that gets the case declared a mistrial.

Meanwhile, Alicia engages Peter's help in enrolling the kids in a suburban prep school mid-semester so Grace will stop having herself baptized without permission. He and Alicia are almost flirtatious. Peter turns on his Bill Clinton charm and seemingly has the headmistress eating out of his hand. Nonetheless, she rejects their application. Peter goes to see the headmistress alone, and tells her that he did background checks on all the teachers, finding DUIs, check kiting and drug charges. He says, "I'm the state's attorney. You don't say no to me… I think the word you're looking for is yes." Chris Noth was amazing in this scene - simultaneously sleazy and sexy. But why are Peter and Alicia so eager to enroll their kids in a school full of criminals?

Wendy visits Will on the basketball court. She tells him that her real target is Peter - who played in the game years ago. Will is as floored as the viewers. Wendy, still holding a grudge about the election, wants to know all Peter's dirty dealings from his first term. Will refuses to talk without a lawyer. She says that means a grand jury. Whoa. A true game changer.

The episode ends with Alicia having drinks with her new BFF — Diane.

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