‘Dallas’: Watch a New Trailer For TNT’s Revival

The New 'Dallas' (Photo: TNT)

The New 'Dallas' (Photo: TNT)

“Dallas” is coming back, thanks to TNT, and if the new trailer the network has just released is any indication, fans of the classic CBS soap won’t be disappointed.

The preview shows scenes from the new version, which is slated to premiere in the summer of 2012; in it, we see old favorites JR, Bobby and Sue Ellen Ewing (Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray) as well as the show’s next-generation stars, including Jesse Metcalfe and Jordana Brewster. Brenda Strong also appears, playing Bobby’s wife Ann.

This time, the battle for Southfork is more between JR’s and Bobby’s kids, though the good and evil brothers are still prominently in the background, giving advice and pulling some strings. It feels like, unlike some of the more clunky revivals we’ve seen (“90210,” anyone?), this new “Dallas” series will do a good job of integrating the old and the new. Then again, it’s only a two-minute trailer. One thing, though; this will probably be TNT’s most anticipated premiere, well, ever.

Watch the trailer for the new “Dallas”:

[iframe http://i.cdn.turner.com/v5cache/TNT/cvp/tnt_embed.swf?context=tegprEmbed&videoId=994 580 476]

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