Stewart Irked by Fox News Gripes About Obama’s Thanksgiving Message

Jon Stewart (Photo: Getty Images)

Jon Stewart (Photo: Getty Images)

Jon Stewart returned after a Thanksgiving break Monday night to deliver a stinging diatribe against Fox News Channel.

The reason: Over the weekend, various hosts and guests on FNC programs complained about President Obama’s annual Thanksgiving Day address – the “speech” all president’s make on the national holiday and, in recent years, post on Youtube. FNC’s gripe: The president failed to mention “God” in the spoken version of the address.

So the Fox newsies criticized the president for the omission and then Stewart criticized the Fox newsies on “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central. Jon’s basic point: That FNC was making a mountain out of a molehill. Our take: The four-day Thanksgiving weekend is traditionally a slow news period, so maybe FNC filled a little more time than it would normally on the issue of the president’s “God”-less Thanksgiving message.

"Forgetting to mention God in your Thanksgiving address? Not a huge Thanksgiving faux pas," said Stewart, who was flanked by an on-screen graphic featuring a picture of President Obama and the words "Much ado about stuffing."

"I mean, I can understand [if] instead of pardoning two male turkeys, [the president] had married them. OK, then I can understand Fox getting bent out of shape!" Stewart said. Later, he said of Fox's focus on God: "When did Fox become The 700 Club?"

Monday, Nov. 28, happened to be Stewart's birthday. He's 49.

Watch Jon Stewart’s latest diatribe against Fox News Channel (at 9:30 in) here:

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