Adam Pally of ‘Happy Endings’ Imagines Brett Ratner’s ‘Apology’ Tape

Adam Pally rages during his Brett Ratner "apology" video (Funny Or Die)

Adam Pally rages during his Brett Ratner "apology" video (Funny Or Die)

Adam Pally is pretty much the funniest thing about ABC’s sophomore show “Happy Endings” (though Damon Wayans, Jr. comes a close second), and it seems like his funny mind is working a mile a minute. Luckily, Funny or Die has been only too glad to serve as the home for Pally’s funny mind blurps.

Case in point: not long after Brett Ratner removed himself from the Academy Awards broadcast because of recent remarks that have been homophobic and just plain gross, Pally took to his webcam and cooked up an “apology,” playing a not-so-macho version of Ratner.

In the video, “Ratner” doesn’t really apologize as much as rant at an off-screen assistant because he thinks his webcam isn’t working correctly. “This is why Scorsese still shoots on film,” he spits, as if the people listing care about such insidery stuff. He also explains the “shrimp incident” that Olivia Munn described in her book as well as why the gay slur that got him in trouble just pops in his head.

The only thing funnier than this video would be if this was the real Brett Ratner saying all this stuff. It's not like he's said much, much worse over the last week or so.

Watch Adam Pally’s “Brett Ratner Apology” video:

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