Soap Stars Land E! Reality Series

Kelly Monaco (Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Kelly Monaco (Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

E! Picks Up Soap Reality Series

Are Kelly Monaco, Kristen Storms, Nadia Bjorlin and Farrah Fath the next Kardashians? Since they are all talented people with real jobs, I think they are far superior. But, like the family that built a sex tape into an empire, the four soap actresses are starring on a reality show on E!.  Their show, “Dirty Soap,” will premiere on September 25th. Monaco and Storms star as Sam and Maxie on “General Hospital.” Bjorlin will soon depart “Days of Our Lives” while Fath’s final episodes of “One Life to Live” recently aired. The series will chronicle the actresses personal and professional lives. It will also feature Fath’s boyfriend John Paul Laviosier who plays Rex on OLTL, Bjorlin’s boyfriend Brandon Beemer (Owen, “The Bold & the Beautiful“) and DOOL’s Galen Gering (Rafe).

The series is executive produced by former “All My Children” stars  Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, who understand daytime television. This blurb from E!’s press release makes me excited about the show:

The "soap bubble" is a small and intimate world and this cast of characters has played extremely significant roles in each others lives for years. They've been co-stars, best friends, worst enemies, boyfriends, girlfriends, and everything in between. Working together on set and spending time with each other in their down-time, they have formed substantial bonds and created a pseudo "soap family."

That’s an accurate description of daytime, behind the scenes. If this show nails it, it will be a must-see. The timing could not be better. The show will premiere two days after AMC’s ABC finale, when the mainstream media will be paying attention to soap operas, and one day before Sam marries Jason (Steve Burton) on GH.

This is the type of show that SoapNET should have been airing, along with original and international soaps. The Disney branding machine should have been working as hard for its soap stars as it does for the tweens that appear on Disney Channel shows. But I am glad it is airing on reality powerhouse E! so that viewers who are not already soap fans will get to know the actors and, hopefully, be inspired to check out GH, DOOL and OLTL to see them at work. There should be plenty of drama, since, according to the network’s press release, Fath and Storms are former best friends who have not spoken in three years.

Wendy Moniz Joins “One Life to Live”

Llanview is getting a new mayor. Since Robin Strasser, who plays Llanview’s current mayor, Dorian,  has to leave “One Life To Live” before its ABC finale because she needs back surgery. Soap Opera Digest reports that the show has cast Daytime Emmy winner Wendy Moniz who was sensational as Dinah on “Guiding Light” during the 1990s, to play the role of her successor Mayor Finn. The role is currently recurring. I hope Moniz has at least one scene with the also departing Gina Tognoni (Kelly), who also won multiple Daytime Emmys for playing Dinah.

I Hope Vicker Man Wins an Oscar

I wish real-life movie premieres were as entertaining as “One Life to Live’s” take on the red carpet. “Vicker Man,” the movie about, and starring,  David (Tuc Watkins) that Dorian (Robin Strasser) produced.  The highlights included:Dorian and star Iona not only showing up wearing identical dresses but getting into a cat fight that was filmed for the local news. I loved waiter Bobby (David Gregory) having to serve the film’s director and his former student, Markko (Jason Tam) finger food — and learning that Marko had reunited with Langston. Finally, Bobby got a little bit of karmic payback.  It’s nice to see nice guy Markko finish first. I love that a guy who is not old enough to drink legally allegedly directed a film starring A-list actors.  Trevor St. John Todd did not recognize that Blair (Kassie DePaiva) was wearing the earrings from her “gold balloon” wedding to Todd, but Tomas (Ted King) did. Though they have yet to arrive at the premiere, Roger Howarth Todd and John (Michael Easton) have quickly evolved into a hilarious comedy duo. RHTodd spent most of the episode attempting to imitate John’s raspy voice. I particularly loved John’s reaction to hearing RHTodd’s imitation of him. Is it just me, or is John really flirtatious with RHTodd

My favorite parts of the episode were the nods to OLTL history.The character based on Blair is being played by an Asian-American actress. Jokes about Blair going from Asian to WASP will never, ever get old. Vicker Man was referred to as being, "Even bigger than the primetime episode of [OLTL's former soap within the soap] "Fraternity Row." That was a great shout out to the primetime episodes of OLTL that aired during the 1990s when ABC pre-empted its daytime line-up for sports coverage. I remember that one of them involved RH Todd holding a cabin full of people hostage with what turned out to be fake dynamite.

I laughed out loud at the film’s opening credits. Most of the cast had already been revealed in earlier dialogue but the sheer genius that is Harrison Ford as Bo, Mel Gibson as Clint and Mia Korf, the Asian American actress who was the original Blair as Blair has to be seen to be believed.

[iframe′ 580 476]

It's a shame they couldn't get the A-listers to do cameos. It would probably have improved Gibson's reputation.

Nate (Lenny Platt) and Deanna’s (Nafessa Williams) barely legal porn storyline is so stupid that I cannot bring myself to ay much about it. But Rick (Austin Peck) spicing in their epic “Hold the Diploma” for all of Llanview to see was rather hilarious. Why did Nate believe that nobody would ever find out he made porn? It’s porn. It’s going to end up on the internet and follow him for the rest of his life.

This was just the warm up for tomorrow's episode when RHTodd will finally make his presence known to Llanview. I am making a big bucket of popcorn to enjoy the rest of this premiere.

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