Watch: The Most Punishing Wipeout Ever on ‘Wipeout’?

Ah, summer TV. It’s so silly. So mindless. So…violent. At least it was on Thursday night’s fifth season premiere of “Wipeout,” which pitted “hotties” against “nerds”. It was a cute premise for an hour-long show that’s a cross between a game and a human sacrifice. It was a little over-played by the participants, but hey, let’s return to the definition of summer TV – silly and mindless. As a warm-up, on Wednesday, ABC aired “101 Ways to Leave a Game Show,” whose premise was nothing more than figuring out ways to blow people up. That worked, somewhat It also set a high bar (or low bar, depending on your perspective) for the return of “Wipeout,” which didn’t waste any time delivering the goods. First up, pretty bartender Mandy Watanabe whose biggest concern was keeping her bikini bottoms on as she traversed the obstacle course. She should have been more concerned with getting clobbered. Hers may have been the most punishing wipeout ever. Take a look.

[iframe 580 476]

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