Daytime Emmy Awards 2011: Live Blog

7:42 PM The press room is closing. Thanks to those of you who stuck with me. On the whole, I thought it was much better than last years ceremony from a production standpoint, even though I am mystified by a couple of the results. Oh. Daytime Emmys, I hope this isn't the last time I will get to snark about you.

7:34PM  Brad Bell and the rest of B&B arrive. He talks about homeless storylines, says that the hallucinogenic berries and social issue storylines both have a place on the show. Points out that it’s amazing daytime is doing as well as it is in an era of increased competition. Insists there will be a future for soaps.

7:28PM Brittany Allen finally arrives in the press room. She says everyone from cast was supportive of her nomination and that she is happy for Sarah Glendening, the new Marissa. She makes it clear that they are friends. She has been cast in a “zombie comedy” movie in Canada. She is wearing combat boot under her dress. This makes me like her.

7:25PM Scott Clifton finally arrives, jokes “I just flew in from L.A,. and boy are my arms tired.” He feels bad about not acknowledging other actor. And annoyed with himself for not thanking the academy! He says Liam is the character he wanted to win for. This is the first time he felt he deserved it.

7:21PM Laura Wright arrives. She is so humble, says she never thought of herself as Emmy caliber when she started on “Loving.” Grew more confident on “Guiding Light”. Says she forgot to thank Bob Guza.  She also says she is excited about Garin Wolf. Says maybe to Carly and Shawn.

7:15PM Shemar Moore arrives. Things jut got real!!! Shemar says he misses Y&R and will always honor the show, but Malcom now belongs to Darius McCrary. “In my heart I would love to go back to Y&R. In business, it doesn’t make much sense. Compares Y&R to high school, “Criminal Minds” to college. Movies will be grad school. Shemar, that quote will not read well.

7:14PM The Daytime Emmys: time for promotional segments on Sea World but not tributes to AMC.

7:04PM The Academy PR people had out a list of the winners. The cover page is from last year’s Emmys. Let’s hear it for quality control. (Update: This blog is so riddled with errors that I have no room to criticize. A thousand apologies to those who read it.)

7:00 PM Brittany Allen and Scott Clifton are still MIA. This press room is wack.

6:58PM Best Show: "The Bold & the Beautiful". Brad shouts out his Dad and wishes us all Happy Father's Day

6:52 Laura gives a shout out to "Guiding Light" and "Loving". Classy.

6:51 Laura Wright wins. Wow. Deserving as an actress but not IMHO a strong reel. I don’t understand how actors think or vote.

6:49 Michael Park wins but is not here. Bummer. Nice moment for “As the World Turns”. Will Colleen Zenk make it another ATWT win?

6:48 PM Lucci: our fans are on fire! That's as close to "No justice, no peace," as she' going to get.

6:44PM Lucci and her daughter are on the press room TV. Shemar Moore locks lips with Lucci. Hot! Shemar says he misses Y&R and says he’d be nowhere without it. Thank you!! I just remembered he presented her with her Emmy. They should do a cheesy Lifetime movie together. This comedy sketch is lame, about her marrying talk show hosts. Who wrote this? Shameful.

6:36PM Alex Trebek Lifetime Achievement Winner, arrives in the press room. He talks over Scott Clifton winning Younger Actor during the ceremony. But he seems to make a short, funny speech.  Alex and Pat Sajack are now together. They do a bit of shtick about sharing. It’s cute enough.

6:34 PM Younger Actress: Brittany Allen. WTF? WTF? This is crazier than Natalia Livingston.

6:24 PM It's the Daytime Gives Back segment. It's so well intentioned that I feel terrible about wishing it didn't take time away from the awards. It would be a great place for an "All My Children" and "One Life To Live" tribute.

6:22 PM Keep hitting refresh everyone.

6:15PM Dr. Oz comes in and asks everyone about the boxed lunches. Dr. Oz says Oprah will only be on his show if it enhances the episode.  He seem smug. I ask him about the episode where he had a colonoscopy. He mentions that he wrote about it in TIME.

6:14 PM It’s a tie. The expression on announcer Melissa Archer’s face makes it clear OLTL isn’t a winner. B&B is the first winner. Y&R is the second.

6:13PM Directing. Please let “One Life To Live” win so they will get something tonight.

6:08 “Ellen” show team arrives in the press room. They submitted the Michelle Obama episode.

6:01 PM Maria Bell. Daytime Confidential asks about Melody Thomas Scott. Maria assures everyone that she’ll be back. She gives a shout out to Bill Bell. Storyline Hint: Sharon will be freed without Skye coming back from the dead.

6:00PM Gladys Knight singing for Oprah tribute. Not bad.

5:56 "Cash Cab" guy admits he was peeing when his name was called. And he didn't have time to wash his hands! Ha ha. This guy is great.

5:54 Dr. Oz producers claim appeal of show is that people want shows about their lives. They’re nice people working their hardest to create a great show. They unfortunately just parotted Brian Frons talking points.

5:51 Oh, boy. The Masseys. They claim they are sincerely interested in charity. Kyle claims they really are friends with Bristol Palin. He says he welcomes the gossip that being affiliated with the Palin family bring. Then Kyle gives his Twitter handle. Eew.

5:48 Kim Matula is here to talk about her participation in the stupid Massey sketch. She snarks on Bristol. Yay. She should have been included in Younger Actress category. It’s hard to be an interesting ingenue.

5:46 PM The “Jeopardy” team comes in. A zillion white men and one white woman.They talk about the IBM series of episodes.

5:42 PM: "Wheel of Fortune" producers: apparently they tied for game show. They are exactly as exciting as you would think the Wheel producers are.

5:40 “Cash Cab” wins Outstanding Game Show host. He’s late getting to the stage. Christian LeBlanc and Tracey Bregman left vamping. They do a good job. He has best ad-lib of the night “I had to catch a cab.”

5:37 Hit refresh often. I think we're having a few technical difficulties.

5:34: Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan presenting Best Writing. That’s nice. “Young & the Restless” wins. Semi-surprise. Maria Bell told me on the carpet that she spent two week watching 30 tapes to pick the right reel. Nice, positive speech encouraging people to watch.

5:32 PM: It's the Masseys. Why are they at every Daytime Emmys? I know they're affiliated with ATI, but it's so random. I so don't need to see them roaming around Vegas. God, this sketch is embarrassing.

5:29PM Outstanding Information talk show. Dr. Oz wins. Let’s hear it for live colonoscopies! I have never watched this show. I don’t get how there is room for two talk shows focused on medicine. Nice ad-lib from Wayne Brady — calls the production staff a flashmob.

5:26 The press room has a nice mellow vibe this year. No jockeying for position. If you’re interested, there are nice boxed meals for the press, but they ran out of beverages in about thirty seconds. Although, people are running out of questions quickly. Memo to self: think of weird questions in advance. I think we were all prepared for Tricia Cast to win. Moral: The Daytime Emmys are unpredictable. Could the theme of tonight be repeat winners? Just realized two former Younger Performer winners won Supporting. Emmy trivia!

5:23 Heather Tom is here. Look like a glamorous Old Hollywood movie star. She didn’t notice the announcer said it was her first Emmy. She clarifies that it’s number three.

5:22 JJ has broken the record for mentioning prayer in the press room.

5:19 PM Jonathan Jackson is in the press room. He says he didn’t care about the magic trick announcing his win. His adorable kids are with him. He brought them because it’s Father’s Day. He is so poised. This is old hat for him.

5:18PM: What is the best game show? “Jeopardy”! Sorry, Pat Sajack, your lifetime achievement award gets you nothing. {Update: They tied.}

5:15PM:I hope you can read this blog. It' my first time liveblogging. This blog is brought to you by the letter V for Verizon, which is powering my wireless internet access through my Droid because the press room doesn't have wireles. WTH?
5:11PM: Oh, look, it’s the first Vegas act. Yawn. Wait, John Travolta will be giving a tribute to Oprah? Must be on tape.
5:10 PM: Oh, look. It’s the first gaffe of the award. Heather Tom, winner Best Supporting Actress, has won a slew of Younger Leading actress Emmys. Congratulations Heather on an unexpected win. Short, sweet speech.
First win: Jonathan Jackson from Penn and Teller.Not bad. His speech is sweet. And Christian. I have to say:this is already better than last year. There is such a positive vibe here both amongst the actors and among the press. Everyone really had been galvanized by the recent cancellations.
5:02 PM Here we are. Is this thing on? Wayne Brady, already a better host than James Franco.
(Ethan Miller, Getty Images)

(Ethan Miller, Getty Images)

The Daytime Emmys air tonight at 8PM on CBS. If you are a fan of soap operas, talk shows, game shows, or children’ programming, they are a must see. Wayne Brady, host of “Let’s Make A Deal” will be hosting the ceremony. In addition to the stars of daytime television, some of Vegas’s top performers including Celine Dion and Gladys Knight are scheduled to appear. The show may have a bittersweet subtext due to the recent cancellations of “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.” Fans and stars alike are wondering if this will be the last time the Daytime Emmys are broadcast. Will “General Hospital”, the show with the most nominations, take home the most statues? Will “The Bold & the Beautiful” be voted best show for the third consecutive year? Will winners address the challenges facing daytime television? I will be liveblogging the extravaganza from the Press Room starting at 8PM EST/5PM PST, dishing what the winners have to say to reporters after they make their acceptance speeches.

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