‘One Tree Hill’s Stephen Colletti On Chase’s Big Dilemma

Stephen Colletti on One Tree Hill (The CW)

Stephen Colletti on One Tree Hill (The CW)

When Stephen Colletti first guest starred on “One Tree Hill,” he was best known as one of the cast members of “Laguna Beach.” He soon proved himself to have real talent and eventually he became a series regular. His character Chase has spent the past two years in a scorching love triangle. Now Chase finds himself at a crossroads in his life. Colletti discussed Chase’s dilemma, whether there will be a ninth season of OTH and his relationship with “Dancing With the Stars” cast member Chelsea Kane.

I understand it’s a very big episode for Chase this week.
It's funny. There's a lot of stuff happening for Chase. He's had the story build the past few episodes, being a big brother to Chuck, to trying to find some resolution with the girls, and trying to make some resolutions in his life to beyond being the bar manager. There's some drama in the next episode that I think it's good to see Chase involved in and the fans will enjoy. The guys go camping.

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Is Chase really going to end up in the military?
There's a possibility. Thankfully, there will be an answer to that within the next couple episodes. He's got some things he needs to figure out. Whether or not he goes, we'll have to wait and see.

What will happen in the finale? I understand it takes place over the time span of a year.
The last few episodes, [executive producer Mark] Schwahn just played with the timeline of the show as far as flashing back and the way the episodes have played out. In the finale, everything's taking place within a year.

Will there be a ninth season of “One Tree Hill”?
It's a funny thing every year: it's fifty-fifty whether we'll be coming back or not. It's hard because I think the fans deserve to know, and I think Mark deserves to know, whether he's going to write a season finale episode of the show or a season finale. You guys know just as much as I do. But I always hold out hold out hope and a belief that there will be a season where the writers and the fans will know that this is it. I feel pretty comfortable about the chances of the show coming back. But you just never know.

What do you think is the secret to “One Tree Hill’s” longevity?
The two word answer is: the fans. We've got a mastermind of creativity that is Mark Schwann that has gotten the fans excited about life in One Tree Hill. From there, the fans have been nothing but supportive. They go online to chat about it and whenever there's a possibility of it ending, they just fire back so hard. The fans have been very loyal. Everyone's well aware of what works on the show. They're very appreciative.

There has been a lot of gossip about you and Chelsea Kane of "Dancing With the Stars." What is going on with you two? Do you practice her dancing routines with her?
Chelsea's a great girl. We've been hanging out for a while now and she's doing incredibly well on "Dancing With the Stars." I'm very proud of the girl. I let her do her thing and I do my thing. She's got a choreographer and a professional to teach her. That's none of my business.

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