Can Christian Slater Break Out of His TV Rut with ‘Breaking In’?

'Breaking In' (Photo: Fox)

'Breaking In' (Photo: Fox)

After finding a new TV home in the comedy “Breaking In,” Christian Slater joked that he feels like Goldilocks.

The first bed (NBC's short-lived "My Own Worst Enemy" in 2008) didn't fit, nor did the second (ABC's "Forgotten" in 2009). "This bed here at Fox feels just right," he said.

"Breaking In" stars Slater as "Oz," the head of a high-tech security firm who recruits a band of skilled misfits to offer protection services to corporate America. The new comedy premieres tonight at 9:30 p.m. April 6 on Fox, with all seven episodes of its first season scheduled to run after "American Idol."

"It was something new, it was something different. It was certainly something that feels more geared toward my strengths and things I really do enjoy doing," Slater said.

Following appearances as himself “Curb Your Enthusiasm” in 2009 and “The Office” last year, “Breaking In” represents the first fulltime comedy work for the 1990s heartthrob known for his eccentric and sometimes dangerous characters.

"I've pretty much gone from a 'bad boy' to a 'dad boy'. Somebody came up with that one yesterday and I really liked it," said Slater, who is 41. He added that he planned to take his son to Legoland to see the new "Star Wars" exhibit soon. (He's not the only one who has grown up, former child star Fred Savage - whom Slater costarred win in "The Wizard" in 1989 - also directed an upcoming episode.)

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Slater is an avowed sci-fi fan whose nerdom found its way into “Breaking In.” The Captain Kirk chair that his character sits in is Slater’s own, a recent birthday present.

“One of the things I really liked about (co-creator Adam F. Goldberg’s) concept for this particular show is that it’s very much like “Star Trek”: they had a five year mission to explore strange new worlds, Oz has a five year plan and he’s hired each of these people for very specific reasons,” Slater said.

“Breaking In” also stars Bret Harrison (“Reaper”) as Cameron, a computer hacker; Odette Annable as lock-picker and safe-cracker Melanie and Alphonso McAuley as a Cash, the strategy and logistics genius.

Slater said he and his costars, who have filmed five episodes so far, have hit a nice groove. He and Harrison even attended the Super Bowl together. And Slater has clearly been practicing his timing.

When asked if the Kirk chair was the real thing, Slater deadpanned: "As a way to do some research for this particular show, me and the gang all broke into the Smithsonian and stole the real one. The one they have at the Smithsonian is a replica now."

“Breaking In” airs Wednesdays at 9:30/8:30c on Fox.

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