MSNBC Is Gunning for Fox News

MSNBC's Phil Griffin (Photo: Getty Images)

MSNBC's Phil Griffin (Photo: Getty Images)

Fox News, look out. MSNBC is gunning for you, and network boss Phil Griffin thinks his team has a good shot at a ratings win over the conservative news channel, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Griffin said his goal is to "make up ground with Fox News now that MSNBC has new leadership following Comcast's recent purchase of NBC. "We have beaten CNN, and we are a solid No. 2… Fox is now in our vision, and there are a couple of hours where it's getting close."

A strong line-up, with steady hosts, is what leads Griffin to believe he has a chance of shrinking the gap between his network and the competition. From Chris Matthews and Lawrence O'Donnell to Rachel Maddow, MSNBC has been posting ratings that often top CNN by more than 175,000 viewers.

And Comcast's business background has Matthews excited for his network's potential. "We are now working for a company that's selling our content to the home," referring to NBC's previous owner General Electric Co. and its specialty being "aircraft engines and light bulbs."

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