Tim Gunn Passes Judgment on Conan’s Beard

Some have been wondering how long Conan O’Brien is going to keep that chin scruff, expecting him to shave it off eventually in some TV stunt, but now that fashionista Tim Gunn has given the stamp of approval to his new look, it seems as though O’Brien will remain our nation’s only bearded late night host for quite some time.

When Gunn came on ‘Conan’ last night and referred to his facial hair as ‘dashing,’ O’Brien stopped him to go in-depth on that. “This is important to me,” the host said, before alluding to his ‘Tonight Show’ debacle. “I grew this beard and I didn’t know – I just did it. I grew it because I was going through a situation. I grew a beard – it’s what happens when you’re a little depressed, a little crazed… and then I stuck with it. I really do trust your opinion.”

"You look dashing," Gunn repeated in response. "You have a youthfulness to your facial features and your whole being that this matures. I could see you getting a knighthood. You've gone from Boy Conan to Sir Conan."

What Gunn didn’t approve of, however, was O’Brien’s apparent devotion to “jeggings.” You can see that conversation in the clip here.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Conan/106941/1677669245/Conan-Confesses-His-Love-of-Jeggings-12-1-10/embed 580 476]

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