Next On ‘The Event’: Bad Girl Vicky Makes A White House Connection

Taylor Cole, 'The Event' (NBC)

Taylor Cole, 'The Event' (NBC)

This week on NBC’s ‘The Event‘ (Monday at 9/8c), viewers have been promised that they will learn who was behind the attack on President Martinez’s life. Judging by a photo making rounds of Vicky Roberts holding a gun to Vice President Jarvis’ noggin, we have to wonder if the brunette bad girl somehow figures into that thwarted attempt at assassination-by-airliner.

Thus far, Vicky has primarily tormented Sean and Leila (Jason Ritter and Sarah Roemer), and bossed around henchman D.B. Sweeney. But looking ahead, “She will be crossing over [with other characters] and meeting some of the [White House] cabinet,” Taylor Cole reveals to Fancast.

This Monday, Vicky will receive orders from Dempsey, the mysterious and powerful man played by Hal Holbrook. Though Cole isn’t at liberty to elaborate on what exactly they are up to – “He will reveal more about what Vicky is doing and why she’s doing it” is all she’ll say – the actress couldn’t rave enough about sharing scenes with the four-time Emmy winner.

"I was blown away to be working with him," she says. "The feedback that he gave me was just amazing - it put me on Cloud 9!"

That Cole's chilling turn on 'The Event' has given people pause is an understatement. With Vicky perpetually packing heat and not averse to running roughshod over a damsels in distress, she reports that her friends have gotten calls from their shell-shocked parents, saying, "I can't believe I let you hang out with Taylor in high school!"

"It's funny how much your character becomes part of you," she marvels. "But other than that, the feedback has been pretty much all positive. Everyone is glad to see me playing such an outside-of-the-box character."

The Event's Vicky (Taylor Cole) makes a point with the vice president (NBC)

The Event's Vicky (Taylor Cole) makes a point with the vice president (NBC)

Being brunette and of a certain type – and with thanks to some Halloween 2009 photos of her costumed as Wonder Woman – Cole is starting to land on people’s radar as a candidate to play TV’s next incarnation of Diana Prince. “I would love to do that,” she shares. “It’d be awesome.”

For now, her superhero exposure is limited to Seth Rogen’s ‘Green Hornet,’ with whom she gets to hang in a “small, but pretty funny” scene in the movie hitting theaters January 14. “During a pivotal, life-changing moment, I happen to be partying with Britt Reid,” the masked crimefighter’s alter ego, she reveals.

Speaking of life-changing moments, Cole offered this one last tease about what’s ahead for ‘The Event’s Vicky in the coming weeks: “You can look forward to her taking control of her destiny.”

'Event' viewers, what is your read on Vicky Roberts? Bad, or just bad-ass?

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