Who Should Play The New ‘Charlie’s Angels’?

America Ferrara, Katie Cassidy, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Francois Durand/Stringer/ Andrew H. Walker/Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

America Ferrara, Katie Cassidy, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Francois Durand/Stringer/ Andrew H. Walker/Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

After many starts and stops, ABC is set to shoot a pilot for ‘Charlie’s Angels,’ a reboot of that ’70s series about three female private investigators working for the never-seen Charlie.

‘Charlie’s Angels’ TV Reboot Is Still Alive and Kickin’

With ‘Smallville‘ creators Miles Millar and Alfred Gough executive-producing, this is bound to be a contemporary take on the concept that will have more in common with the ‘Charlie’s Angels’ movies than the classic-but-campy Aaron Spelling series.  So rather than looking for a new Sabrina, Jill and and Kelly, the 21st century version will feature original and ethnically diverse angels.

The casting breakdowns have been released and we have a few suggestions.

Character: Kate Prince
Description: African-American, age 24-30. “An incredible athlete and possesses a razor-sharp intellect. Although the most serious of our three Angels, she also knows how to let her hair down and have a great time. Kate is an ex-cop, a master or martial arts and a strict vegetarian"
Suggestions: Jurnee Smollett is gorgeous.  As anyone who has seen her in ‘The Great Debators’ and ‘Friday Night Lights‘ knows she is fierce and smart.  She deserves better than a supporting role on ‘The Defenders.’ Gugu Mbatha-Raw was terrific on the recently canceled ‘Undercovers.‘  She should put her secret agent experience to good use on a show with a more sustainable premise.

Character: Abby Sampson
Description: Caucasian Age 22-27 “She grew up on Manhattan's Upper East Side and is the daughter of a notorious Wall Street crook a la Bernie Madoff. She is an expert thief, con artist and is trained in the deadly art of Krav Maga."
Suggestions: This role seems tailor made for ‘Gossip Girl‘ and ‘Melrose Place‘ star Katie Cassidy, who is an expert on making tough, scheming characters rootable.   She also has experience with the trials and tribulations of a series remake. Adrianne Palicki was a sexy standout on ‘Friday Night Lights.’  The two episodes of ‘Lone Star‘ that aired showed she can play pampered princess as well as working class.  It would be great to see her on a show that people actually watch.

Character: Marissa Valdez
Description: Latina, Age 24-30 “She's an orphan, an immigrant and a former U.S. Marine. She is a weapons expert and is trained in all forms of hand-to-hand combat. Marisa has a no-nonsense attitude, is a Play Station addict and self-confessed neat freak."
Suggestions: Everybody thinks of America Ferrara as her awkward ‘Ugly Betty‘ character.  Taking on this role would be the perfect way for the actress, who is svelte and glamorous in real life, to change her image. Aimee Garcia was terrific on both the sitcom ‘George Lopez’ and the hospital series ‘Trauma.’  It’s about time she got to strut her stuff in an action series.

Who do you think should be cast as the new ‘Angels’?

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