Did ‘Glee’s Riff On ‘Rocky Horror’ Drive You Insane?

'Glee's Cory Monteith and Lea Michele (Fox)

'Glee's Cory Monteith and Lea Michele (Fox)

We survived our first week of reruns, and Fox’s ‘Glee‘ came back swinging… with another theme episode.

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From the moment those glossy lips appeared in the opening scene, it was obvious that “The Rocky Horror Glee Show” (watch the full episode below) would be no ordinary, organically formed episode, but one that was squeezed into a mold to fit a specific agenda straight from the Planet Sensational.

OK, but did it work? The answer is a decided “kinda.”

“The Rocky Horror Glee Show” was better than “Britney/Brittany” because at least there was a story that helped string the songs together. But that story – Will having New Directions perform ‘Rocky Horror’ as a way for him to steal Emma from Dr. Carl – was so awkward. I just couldn’t get past the idea that Will could be dim enough to have his students perform that inherently raunchy songbook in a school setting.

In other words: Janet! Dr. Scott! Janet! Brad! Rocky! Grrrr! None of this is plausible!

It all started when Schue (Matthew Morrison) found out that Emma (Jayma Mays) and Dr. Carl (John Stamos) had basically cured Emma’s OCD by seeing a sticky-floor showing of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show.’ Will’s jealousy drove him to announce that the glee club would be doing the show as a fundraiser. Emma uttered what was surely on your mind: “I’m thinking you’re gonna have to edit the whole thing out.”

You mean the part where the mad scientist’s sole purpose for creating life is to have a new sex slave for himself?

What Will didn’t edit out were the costumes for the boys. Finn “Doughboy” Hudson (Cory Monteith) and newbie Sam (Chord Overstreet) had differing opinions on showing off their physiques to all of Lima. Finn was appalled that he had to appear without the safety of his swim-shirt, while Sam happily declared, “You could cut glass on these babies.”

Oh yeah, just so you know – sensitive, thoughtful Sam is gone and now we have meathead Sam. Um thanks, writers, for that development.

Meanwhile Sue was approached by two familiar-looking (wink-wink) station managers (‘RHPS’ alumni Barry Bostwick and Meat Loaf) who wanted her to go undercover and expose WMHS as a school for pervs. The Parents Television Council would be so proud.

Hungry for more, more, more 'Glee'? We've got the full 'Rocky Horror' episode right here:

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/Glee/103049/1623853102/The-Rocky-Horror-Glee-Show/embed 580 476]

The actual musical numbers were all pretty great. Dr. Carl's "Hot Patootie" made me want to dig out my old Jesse and the Rippers videos. Only thanks to director Adam Shankman, this looked hella better than those old things.

Who knew that Finn would be so great at Broadway-type performances? He effectively channeled Bostwick in "Damnit, Janet" with the aid of hilarious backup performances by Mercedes, Kurt, and Quinn.

After some casting musical chairs, Mercedes played Dr. Frank-N-Furter and positively killed “Sweet Transvestite.” Then Emma and Will almost killed me when they rehearsed “Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Me.” I was so torn! The actual performances were sexyadorable (loved Brit and Santana in the background), but there’s no way Will could have performed that role in gold hot pants with a student as his partner. The thought of it makes me want to bleach my brain.

The finale, of course, had everyone jumping to the left in "Time Warp." And we got to hear Quinn sing! She's still got it!

But why did Finn keep taking over Kurt's Riff-Raff lines? Every time this episode got close to greatness, something inauthentic like that happened that yanked me right out of my musical-theatre high.

More of the good:
* Best Musical Number:
“Damnit, Janet” was simple and delicious.
* Best Brit Bit:
Her Halloween costume? “I’m going as a peanut allergy.”
* Best Sue Snark:
“Daddy’s a hungry zombie, and before he went out to sharpen his pitchfork, he whispered to Mommy that you look delicious.” Runner-up: “Go scream at some fatties.”

And the bad:
* Wasted cameos:
It was a treat to see Bostwick and Meat Loaf Aday, but they were given totally weak material to work with.
* Most Missed Number:
If they were going to go for it, they might as well have painted some faces and done “Don’t Dream It, Be it.”
* Insensitivity Award Goes To:
Mike Chang’s parents (and the writers) for saying they’re “just not cool with [him] dressing like a tranny.”

Now that we’ve seen what was on the slab, what did you think?

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