The Big Tease: Scoop On House, Castle, NCIS, HIMYM and More!

'House's Hugh Laurie, 'Castle's Nathan Fillion and 'NCIS' guest star Annie Wersching (Fox/ABC)

'House's Hugh Laurie, 'Castle's Nathan Fillion and 'NCIS' guest star Annie Wersching (Fox/ABC)

Wanna know what’s coming up on your favorite show? Tuesday is tease-day at Fancast, and is the place to send your questions. Here now the scoop!

You’ve seen the next two episodes of ‘House’! I can’t wait to hear what you think about Amber Tamblyn’s character. – BooBooKitty12 via Twitter
Simply said, med student Martha M. Masters is a breath of fresh air for the Fox drama, now in its seventh season. "Small Wonder" (as Taub dismissively dubs her) is brilliant on any number of subjects, yet painfully naïve, as far as House is concerned, when it comes to (deceptively) doing what is needed to save lives. As such, expect him to really run Martha - aka Cuddy's solution to the team's "sausagefest" problem - through the wringer when it comes to patient-of-the-week Jack Coleman's ('Heroes') vexing case. Also, Martha's Nov. 8 arrival in and of itself begets a mystery: Why does Taub have such a beef with the new gal?

How many scenes do House and Cuddy have in the Nov. 8 episode? – Bellecuddy via Twitter
They have several, but it very well may be their final encounter that dictates where this nascent romance is heading next.

When are we going to see more of my favorite ‘Castle’ couple? No, not Castle and Beckett – Det. Ryan and his girlfriend! – Marin
Persistence pays off: After weeks of checking into this for you, Marin, I can now report that Jenny will return in Episode 12, which will air sometime in January. That of course reunites the off-screen husband-and-wife team of Seamus and Juliana Dever.

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I heard that one of my favorite soap actors, Rick Hearst, is going to be on ‘Castle.’ Do you have any details? – Alia
Hmm, are you a fan of Alan-Michael Spaulding or Ric Lansing? Or, dare I ask, Whipple Jones? Actually, don't answer. Here's the scoop: On Nov. 8, Hearst will guest star as Dr. Elliot Lefcourt, a wealthy and respected anesthesiologist who may - or may not - be hiding from Beckett and Castle some critical information about his wife's (Ever Carradine) previous marriage.

True or false: ’24’s Annie Wersching is joining ‘NCIS’? – Alan
True…ish. As we speak, Wersching is filming a guest-starring role as Deputy District Attorney Gail Walsh. But at this point, she's on board for just the singular episode. My take: Any gal who can handle the likes of Jack Bauer surely should catch the eye of the similarly issues-laden Gibbs. Keep her around, I say!

Is Scooter (played by David Burtka) going to be on ‘How I Met Your Mother’ this season? – Kerry Anne
I am re-running your question, Kerry Anne, because since last week Burtka has in fact been booked for another appearance as Lily’s high-school ex. Stay tuned for details!

The CW Orders Full Seasons Of ‘Nikita,’ ‘Hellcats’ and ‘Tree Hill’

Do you have any scoop on ‘One Tree Hill’? – IluvClayQuinn4 via Twitter
Did you see the scoop I had on guest star Kid Cudi? Well, in that same episode, Brooke and Julian will take the big leap… when they go skydiving together. Also, Quinn sneaks out of town to visit “a familiar face.” Guesses?

Do you have any spoilers about ‘Smallville’s “Harvest” or “Ambush” episodes? – doro_bartowski via Twitter
As first tweeted live from the Episode 200 red carpet, Erica Durance told me that “Harvest ” (airing this Friday) is “awesome.” For one, she shared with a huge smile, “I get to wear a bonnet!” Why? Because the Halloween-themed storyline finds Lois and Clark – now both in the know about what each other knows – led to “a very strange Amish community,” Erica said. “Basically, Lois is upset and she’s trying to teach Clark a lesson, and that gets them both in the worst trouble imaginable.” (Durance already dished on “Ambush” here.)

Is there’s any chance that Erica Durance and Teri Hatcher will interact on ‘Smallville’? – CloisScherzy24 via Twitter
Alas, no. The episode "Abandoned" strictly features Lois watching her passed-on mom via videotape. "I don't get the pleasure of physically shooting with Teri," Erica lamented when we spoke.

Can you find out if Kristin Kreuk will be back on ‘Chuck’ this season? – wintersport101 via Twitter
With Chuck and Sarah on the cusp of their first very big fight as a couple, it would be a nifty time to revisit one of his exes… yet I am told that Kristin has no plans right now to return to ‘Chuck’ (or ‘Smallville’ for that matter).

A couple months ago, Cyndi Lauper had said she’d be shooting a ‘Bones’ episode in October. Can you tell me if she’ll repeat her role as Avalon Harmonia in Brennan’s POV episode, “The Doctor in the Photo,” or will it be in the next one? – Amanda
Thus far it is neither; Lauper’s encore has yet to be scheduled.

‘Bones’ Spin-Off: Who Would You Cast In The Lead?

You never write about ‘The Middle,’ Wednesday’s unsung comedy. Let’s change that! – Claire
I'm with ya, 'The Middle' doesn't seem to get enough love. So check this out: In an upcoming episode, Mike will get wind that poor Sue's BFF isn't exactly the best friend a gal could ask for. Hilarity ensues when Mike then semi-interrogates the backstabbing lass.

As far as I can tell, HBO has yet to release the number of episodes for the third season of ‘In Treatment.’ Can you find out how many there will be? – Kajo
Season 3, which just kicked off last night, will serve up a total of 28 episodes – four per week (two each on Monday and Tuesday), for seven weeks.

We know that ‘CSI: NY’s Gary Sinise, Sela Ward, Eddie Cahill and Hill Harper all filmed on location in New York, along with guest star John Larroquette. Anything other than Central Park to look forward to? – Jayne
In addition to Central Park (where a dead body is discovered), the cast filmed at the New York County Courthouse (on the steps of which Larroquette's character gives a press conference), South Street Seaport, and a 19th-century brownstone at Madison and Fifth (where a suspect is pursued). Larroquette's three-episode arc kicks off Nov. 5.

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I thought Rocky Carroll was doing both ‘NCIS’ shows now. But he hasn’t really been on ‘LA’ much this season. What’s up? – Dawn
I asked Rocky a version of that same question, and he teased back, "Every once in a while I'll talk to ['NCIS' showrunner] Shane [Brennan] and in classic fashion, hell give me a wink and say, 'I've got something up my sleeve.'" I'll be popping back on the 'LA' scene by Episode 10."

Just wondering – will we ever see Wo Fat on the new ‘Hawaii Five-0’? – Bill via Facebook
Yes, the CBS reboot will introduce its take on the classic villain later this season, TV Guide Magazine reports. (As it turns out, Wo has ties to James Marsters’ series premiere baddie, who is on his way back.)

Any scoop on ‘Human Target’? – DullyEL via Twitter
I’m now three episodes into the new season (which premieres Wednesday, Nov. 17), and the third hour finds Chance going undercover as a goon in order to assist newcomer Ames (played by Janet Montgomery) on a heist she really, truly should not be a part of. (Old habits die hard and all.) As the action unfolds, watch for Jackie Earl Haley’s Guerrero to uncork some mad moves. This is where you commend my restraint for not mentioning the part where Ames covers herself with cooking oil.

That’s all for this week, Fancast fans! Send your requests for scoop or answers to burning TV questions to and follow me on Twitter. I aim to tease.

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