Jane Lynch Spills On ‘Glee’ Mom Carol Burnett, ‘SNL’ Hosting Gig

Jane Lynch visited ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ as she gears up for hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ this weekend, and young Mr. Fallon got her to drop some information not only on what’s in store for ‘SNL,’ but also what’s coming up on ‘Glee.’

“Let me spoil this for you,” Lynch said after Fallon gushed over the Fox series. “Last season, I talked about my parents being Nazi hunters and, you know, Sue Sylvester lies all the time, so I just assumed it was a lie. Well, it’s true, and my mother will be played by Carol Burnett, and she is a Nazi hunter. I guess she found the last Nazi and decided to come back and check in on her girls. She comes and checks in on [Sue and her sister Jean], and I’m sure we’ll have mixed reactions to her return.”

“She’s just awesome,” Lynch said of comedy legend Burnett. “I did a movie with her about two years ago [Post Grad] and she’s as wonderful as you would imagine. She loves to tell stories about ‘The Carol Burnett Show.’ She’s just the best.”

As for 'SNL,' Lynch is still amazed she's a part of it. "We saw the scripts finally [on Wednesday], and I'm thrilled and nervous. I think I have that perfect cocktail of nervousness and excitement."

As for what exactly she’ll be doing on the long-running sketch series, “I think I will be singing something,” Lynch ventured. “You know how things can change, but I think I might be doing a little Faith Hill.”

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