Ratings Report Card: Which New Shows Are Hot? Which Are Not?

'The Whole Truth's Rob Morrow, 'Running Wilde's Keri Russell, 'Outsourced's Anisha Nagarajan and '$#*! My Dad Says' William Shatner (ABC/FOX/NBC/CBS)

'The Whole Truth's Rob Morrow, 'Running Wilde's Keri Russell, 'Outsourced's Anisha Nagarajan and '$#*! My Dad Says' William Shatner (ABC/FOX/NBC/CBS)

Attention, freshman class of fall TV shows: You've had two weeks now to make your mark. So who's making the grade, and which of you might get left behind with a certain Texas con man? Here's Fancast's report card on how 23 new arrivals are performing.

‘Blue Bloods,’ CBS: Out of the gate, the multigenerational family/cop drama starring Tom Selleck was Friday’s most watched show, building on ‘CSI: NY’s audience to average 11.2 million viewers. A full-season pickup seems imminent. | Watch Full Episodes
‘Boardwalk Empire,’ HBO: After premiering to more than 7 million viewers – HBO’s best debut since 2004’s ‘Deadwood’ – it scored an immediate Season 2 renewal. | Watch On Demand
‘Hawaii Five-0,’ CBS: As predicted/CBS hoped, this reboot has performed strongly, often besting ABC’s ‘Castle’ in the Mondays-at-10 slot. A full-season order is a given. | Watch Full Episodes
‘Mike & Molly,’ CBS: The pressure was on this new laffer to transport much of ‘Two And A Half Men’s audience to much-touted newbie ‘Hawaii Five-0.’ With retention in the high 80%, mission accomplished.

Grade: GOOD
‘Better With You,’ ABC: Its third and latest outing delivered the best retention to date of ‘The Middle,’ and bested ‘Undercovers’ in the demos. A full-season order suddenly looks likely.
‘Detroit 1-8-7,’ ABC: While placing a distant second to ‘The Good Wife,’ it’s trouncing ‘Parenthood’ (and its name-brandier cast and more accessible premise) in total viewers. ‘P’hood’ though is winning the demos. | Watch Full Episodes
‘Nikita,’ The CW: Any questions about its “fit” on The CW are silenced by the fact that it’s the network’s second most-watched series, demonstrating broad appeal with teens as well as the 18-34 crowd. | Watch Full Episodes
‘No Ordinary Family,’ ABC: In one of TVs most competitive time slots, it’s besting ‘Biggest Loser’ in the demos and growing its own audience over the hour. That’s a win. | Watch Full Episodes
‘Outsourced,’ NBC: Having largely shrugged off the “controversial” and “racist” labels, it’s delivering ‘The Office’ retention on par with its time-slot predecessor, ’30 Rock.’ | Watch Full Episodes
‘Raising Hope,’ Fox: It’s already picked up for a full 22-episode season, yes, but Fox surely wouldn’t mind if this comedy retained a bit more of ‘Glee’s audience/demos. | Watch Full Episodes
‘$#*! My Dad Says,’ CBS: Its retention of ‘Big Bang’s numbers thus far is impressive, keeping CBS’ comedy coupling ahead of Fox’s ‘Bones,’ but keep an eye on its week-to-week slides.

Ratings: ‘Law & Order: LA’ Plunges, ‘Kitchen’ Heats Up

Grade: FAIR
‘Chase,’ NBC: As ‘The Event’s audience dwindles, that gives this action-drama less to work with, let alone build upon. As such, it’s placing an increasingly distant third to ‘Five-0’ and ‘Castle.’ | Watch Full Episodes
‘The Defenders,’ CBS: Although the legal dramedy is holding its own against ‘Law & Order: LA’ (which comes with a built-in pedigree), it’s doing so with CBS’ lowest numbers in the time period in many a year. | Watch Full Episodes
‘The Event,’ NBC: The Peacock is pulling out all the stops and amping up the promos (You want answers? We’ll give you answers!) to keep the buzz on this serialized thriller from waning. Alas, to date it’s down 30 percent from its decent-enough debut. | Watch Full Episodes
‘Hellcats,’ The CW: Aly Michalka & Co. are doing exactly what The CW needs them to do: Dazzle female teens and the women 18-34 crowd. But will that be enough to earn a full ride? | Watch Full Episodes
‘Law & Order: Los Angeles,’ NBC: After a strong start, a sense of viewer malaise ate away more than 20 percent of the spin-off’s audience and demos. | Watch Full Episodes
‘Undercovers,’ NBC: Despite the J.J. Abrams pedigree, sexy premise and even sexier stars, this action-dramedy continues to shed viewers opposite ‘Survivor.’ | Watch Full Episodes
‘The Whole Truth,’ ABC: Mustering barely half the audience (4.5 million viewers) of its nearest rival and struggling to claim any buzz, it soon may be case closed for this legal drama.

Cancellation Watch: 5 New Shows in Jeopardy

Grade: POOR
‘Lone Star,’ Fox
: One of the fall season's most acclaimed new series, it stunned many by getting the hook after two anemically rated outings. Sad.
‘My Generation,’ ABC
: Like ‘Lone Star,’ it was two-and-out for this ensemble series.
‘Outlaw,’ NBC
: After two weeks of placing third behind ‘Blue Bloods’ and ’20/20,’ production was halted on this Jimmy Smits starrer.
‘Running Wilde,’ Fox: As much as ‘Raising Hope’ is letting some Gleeks slip through its fingers, this Will Arnett/Keri Russell-fronted comedy is dropping the Tuesday ball even further. In fact, Fox is doubling up on ‘Hope’ Oct. 26, to stem the bleeding.
‘Terriers,’ FX: Disappointing viewership (650,000 total viewers) and demos (0.3 in the 18-49) continue to dog this otherwise compelling drama.

Photo Gallery: TV’s Biggest Bombs

What freshman shows do you hope finish out the year? And which do you give an "F" to?

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