Queen ‘V’: Jane Badler Teases The Mysterious ‘Return’ Of Diana

Oh, mother! 'V's Morena Baccarin and Jane Badler (ABC)

Oh, mother! 'V's Morena Baccarin and Jane Badler (ABC)

If you geeked out when it was announced that Jane Badler of the original ‘V‘ series would be joining ABC’s reboot this season – and as Anna’s mother, no less – I’ve got news: Jane is roughly 1,000 times more excited.

“It’s so cool. And it’s so cool for me!” she effused during a press round table held on the series’ Vancouver set.

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Asked for her reaction when ABC decided to relaunch ‘V’ last TV season, Badler said, “I felt like a lover had reemerged that I had never quite finished with. I thought, ‘Oh my god, I’ve got to get in touch with these people and get on this show.'”

Badler thus went about connecting with the series' executive producers - first Jace Hall, and later Scott Rosenbaum. "I really kept myself in the running," she says. "And when this role came up, I auditioned for it - because even though the name of the character was Diana, they intended it as an homage… and not necessarily the same character [from the original 'V']."

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It’s important to underscore that point – that while Badler is playing a Visitor named Diana, it’s not the same jumpsuit-clad, rat-gulping Diana from the ’80s sci-fi show.

Still, she notes, “It’s me [in the role], so there will be elements of me in there. And there’s something that resonates deeply in the fact that I’ve come back [and am] passing on that baton.”

How is that viewers have not yet seen nor heard of Diana? As Season 2 kicks off, it will be revealed that she has been aboard the Vs’ mothership all this time, hidden away by her very own daughter. “[Anna is] kind of the head queen,” says Badler, “and I’m in exile – the queen in waiting.”

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We won’t reveal for just how long Diana has been stowed away, but her time in exile has been made most comfortable by the fact that her confines look exactly like the Visitors’ home world. If you’re envisioning a swampy atmosphere with giant lily pads… well, you wouldn’t be entirely off base. “It is lush and tropical,” Badler confirms.

All of which begs the question: Why would Anna go to such lengths to make Mom's "prison" pass for home? Could it be that Diana doesn't even know she's aboard a spacecraft hovering above Earth? We gave Badler pause when we floated that theory.

“I never thought of that. Wow,” she responded. “I just assumed that she knew she was on the ship, but now that you’ve said that, she probably doesn’t know. That would make sense.”

Though ABC has yet to announces ‘V’s Season 2 premiere date, those anxious to see Badler back on the scene are assured it will be worth the wait. “You are going to love my entrance,” the actress tells us with a big smile. “The way they introduce me is very cool.”

Badler and her TV kin – Morena Baccarin (Anna) and Laura Vandervoort (Lisa) – will be appearing at New York Comic-Con this Saturday at 5:15 pm EST.

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