‘Smallville’s Final Season: What Happens Next?

'Smallville's Lois (Erica Durance) gets answers from an unexpected source while in Egypt (The CW)

'Smallville's Lois (Erica Durance) gets answers from an unexpected source while in Egypt (The CW)

Smallville‘s 10th and final season took flight last week by confirming that Lois now knows Clark’s super secret (though he doesn’t know she knows) and setting the tone for Clark’s season-long journey (he must rid himself of darkness to achieve his destiny).

Also, Tess and viewers were introduced to the world of Lex clones (um, ew), Oliver was saved thanks to Chloe’s selfless sacrifice, Lois ran off to Egypt, and none other than mondo DC Comics baddie Darkseid put in an ominous appearance.

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What's coming up next, as Episode 2, "Shield," arrives Friday at 8/7c? Let's take a look at eight burning questions.

Why Won’t Clark Spill His Secret To Lois? (Surely He Suspects That She Knows!)
“It’s for her safety,” Tom Welling tells me. “He doesn’t want her to get hurt. And I’m not talking about emotions; I’m talking about if somebody goes after Clark and knew that she knew, she could be in danger. He’s trying to protect her.”

What Do Lois and Carter Hall (aka Hawkman), Of All People, Have To Talk About In Egypt?
“She bounces ideas off him because she’s discovered who Clark is, and she doesn’t quite know whether she’d be a help or a hindrance [to The Blur],” says Erica Durance. “So here’s somebody who’s been around for thousands of years and he gives Lois great advice. Oh, and she drives him crazy – as she usually does with most people!” Wait, so Lois knows that Carter Hall (played by Michael Shanks) is also a super… friend? Erica nods, “He gets into a little bit of his history and shares how perhaps Lois could be a help to Clark – and Lois gets inspired.”

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Who Will Fill In For Lois At the ‘Daily Planet’?
Ladies and gentlemen, meet the “zany, colorful and unique” Cat Grant, as described by portrayer Keri Lynn Pratt (‘Cruel Intentions 2’). “Cat is picking up right where Lois left off – or at least trying to!” the actress says with a laugh. And Clark’s reaction to his new newsroom neighbor? “Just shock,” says Pratt. “Then, after he gets past that, he gets a bit compassionate towards her.”

'DP' newbie Cat Grant (Keri Lynn Pratt) makes Clark's acquaintance (The CW)

'DP' newbie Cat Grant (Keri Lynn Pratt) makes Clark's acquaintance (The CW)

Why Did Chloe Trade Her Freedom For Oliver’s?
“I think that Chloe knows that her goal life in life, her journey, is to make sure that these [heroes such as Green Arrow] do what they need to do in the world,” offers Allison Mack, who will remain off-screen until at least midseason. “Chloe sees herself as being the perfect vehicle to help them actualize their destiny.”

Hmm, Could The Suicide Squad Have Been After Chloe All Along…?
"That's kinda cool. Maybe," Mack says of my theory. But with a wink, she adds, "I think Chloe has other plans."

How Will Chloe’s Vanishing Be Explained?
“I can’t tell you. I will never tell!” Mack holds firm, fending off my request for scoop. Well, whatever the case, Justin Hartley previews, “Clark finally tells Oliver, ‘Look, she’s not missing; she left,’ which is really hard for someone like Oliver to comprehend. Oliver is sitting there like, ‘What does that even mean? He doesn’t get that.” And then? “Then we go to find her,” says Justin. At some point, “She’ll be back, so that’ll be good.”

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Tess Is Now Raising Young Alexander – But To What End?
“Hopefully until he becomes something good,” says Cassidy Freeman. “I think Tess sees the opportunity to redeem herself in creating a good person from a would-be Lex.”

Why Unleash Darkseid Now?
“We wanted Clark to go up against one of the darkest foes that he possibly could,” says executive producer Kelly Souders. “We’ve been wanting to do Darkseid for a couple of years, and the final season felt like the right time.” And how!

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