NBC Plans to Remake ‘The Munsters’

Yvonne De Carlo and Fred Gwynne as Herman and Lily Munster (Photo: CBS)

Yvonne De Carlo and Fred Gwynne as Herman and Lily Munster (Photo: CBS)

Someone’s going to have some mighty big shoes to fill….

NBC is determined to create a successful remake, and its latest plan is a monster undertaking: ‘The Munsters.’

The network has ordered a pilot from Bryan Fuller to remake the spooky sixties series, according to EW.

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Pitched as “Modern Family meets True Blood,” the modern update is in the hands of someone who knows a thing or two about freaks–Fuller was co-executive producer of NBC’s tragic ‘Heroes‘ and creator of ABC’s beloved ‘Pushing Daisies.’

With that pedigree, it’s reasonable to be hopeful that ‘The Munsters’ 2.0 won’t end up locked in a basement with a fire-breathing dragon, on a dusty shelf next to grandpa’s kooky experiments, like the NBC misfires ‘The Bionic Woman’ and ‘Knight Rider.’

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As for the scary proposition of stepping into the role made famous by Fred Gwynne, who do you think would make a good Herman Munster? Brad Garrett, call your agent.

The story about a normal American family–of sweet-natured monsters–who lived at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, ran for just 70 episodes on CBS from 1964 to 1966, but became a TV classic once it aired in syndication.

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As for the copycat trend, the business of remakes is booming more than ever.

CBS’ update of ‘Hawaii Five-0‘ is a hit. TNT is about to pull the trigger on a new ‘Dallas.’ ABC plans to reboot the Brit hit ‘MI-5.’ A new ‘ChiPs’ is cruising into development. A ‘Charlie’s Angels’ makeover is still kicking. Despite dumping the leading man, ‘The Rockford Files’ isn’t dead yet. And even ‘The Six-Million-Dollar Man‘ isn’t strong enough to fight off a SyFy reboot.

Do you want to see a new incarnation of ‘The Munsters’?

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