‘Bones’ Newcomer: ‘Hannah Truly Does Love Booth’

Katheryn Winnick with David Boreanaz, 'Bones' (Fox)

Katheryn Winnick with David Boreanaz, 'Bones' (Fox)

Say what you will about third-party interlopers introduced to form a romantic triangle – or as is usually the case, to keep a “Will They/Won’t They” couple from sealing the deal – ‘Bones‘ newcomer Katheryn Winnick wants viewers to know one thing: She’s got your boy’s best interests (meaning his heart) at heart.

“I hope the audience will give Hannah a chance and realize that she’s not there to… create a big catfight or high school drama,” says Winnick, who makes her in-the-flesh ‘Bones’ debut this Thursday at 8/7c. “She’s there because she truly does love Booth (played by David Boreanaz), and she’s there to… start a life with him.”

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‘Bones’ fans first caught sight of TV news correspondent Hannah Burley in last week’s season premiere, when Booth flashed a photo of the girlfriend he made while stationed in Afghanistan. Now, viewers will have the chance to meet her and perhaps be surprised by the relationship she forms not with Booth, but Brennan (Emily Deschanel).

Listing what the ladies have in common, Winnick tells Fancast, "They're both driven by facts, and they're both very motivated, intelligent and adventurous women. I respect Brennan - and hopefully she does the same with me, so there's not any major tension right away."

No major tension? Could that be because Hannah has not yet been looped in on what almost happened between Booth and Bones prior to their respective global jaunts? "She definitely knows… that they have some kind of history and that there are very tight," says Winnick, "but I don't know that she knows the details of their relationship and what happened last season."

'Bones' Katheryn Winnick, Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz (Fox)

'Bones' Katheryn Winnick, Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz (Fox)

Regardless, Winnick knows all too well that a very vocal group of Bones/Booth 'shippers will be keeping a close eye on Hannah's every move. (Thus far, the actress says she is slated to appear in "a handful of episodes," though it could turn into more.) "I heard that I may be causing a stir," she says with a chuckle, "but I'm excited about my character, and I hope that they will welcome me."

“I hope that the audience will give [Hannah] a shot and fall in love with her,” she adds, “because I’ve fallen in love with Hannah.”

But has Booth, truly? That could be the question.

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