‘No Ordinary Family’ Stars: We’re Not Dark, Brooding Like ‘Heroes’

Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz, 'No Ordinary Family' (ABC)

Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz, 'No Ordinary Family' (ABC)

Most simply said – and by Michael Chiklis himself – ABC’s ‘No Ordinary Family‘ (premiering Tuesday at 8/7c) “is about an ordinary family that gets in a plane crash, and extraordinary things happen to them.”

Specifically, Jim and Stephanie Powell (played by ‘The Shield’s Chiklis and ‘Dexter’s Julie Benz) emerge from a near-deadly dunk with super abilities such as strength, healing and speed. Similarly, their teen daughter (Kay Panabaker) acquires the ability to read minds (“That’s gonna create havoc, I’ve got to believe!” laughs Chiklis), while their son’s power remains under wraps until late in the premiere.

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Autumn Reeser (‘Entourage’) and Romany Malco (‘Weeds’) also star, as Stephanie’s lab assistant and Jim’s best buddy, respectively.

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If from the promos you’ve seen, you get the sense that ‘No Ordinary Family’ will be a bit more fun of a ride than NBC’s ‘Heroes,’ that is by design. The ABC newcomer “is not dark and brooding and self-conscious,” Chiklis shares in the video Q&A below. “It’s wondrous.”

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Press PLAY to hear Chiklis and Benz also share with Fancast what sort of stories 'NOF' will tell on a weekly basis and whether there will be a Big Baddie for the Powells to deal with. (Also, watch me totally blank on Benz's many, many 'Angel' death scenes.)

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