Scoop: Summer Glau’s ‘Chuck’ Stop May Feature ‘Firefly’ Nod

'Chuck's Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau (NBC/Andrew H Walker/Getty Images)

'Chuck's Adam Baldwin, Summer Glau (NBC/Andrew H Walker/Getty Images)

Not only will Summer Glau guest-star on ‘Chuck‘ this season as a (well, duh) sexy secret agent, but series cocreator Chris Fedak confirms for Fancast that she will in fact share a scene with fellow ‘Firefly‘ alum Adam Baldwin. That’s right – Jayne and River, together again!

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But wait, there’s Buy More: The Glau/Baldwin scene just might contain an Easter egg for those who followed Serenity‘s travels. “I’ll say this: I’m a huge ‘Firefly’ fan, so maybe we can sneak something in,” Fedak tells us.

Glau will show up in this season’s eighth episode as the latest spy to go by the code name “Greta” while visiting the CIA HQ embedded with the Buy More, where Casey works undercover.

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The role was played in the season premiere by Olivia Munn, and next will be filled by Isaiah "Old Spice Guy" Mustafa. Another Greta on the horizon is 'Dancing With The Stars' alumna Stacey Keibler.

Originally the hope was that Munn would play Greta throughout the season, but when she got cast on the midseason NBC comedy 'Perfect Couples,' 'Chuck' opted to keep the character and rotate a series of differently sized, shaped and gendered guest stars. Greta, however, will not appear in every episode.

‘Big Bang Theory’ Books ‘Buffy’s Eliza Dushku

During her previous series run on 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles,' Glau guested (as herself) on 'The Big Bang Theory.' When 'T:SCC' itself got terminated, she enjoyed a brief run on 'Firefly' creator Joss Whedon's 'Dollhouse.' Following her 'Chuck' visit, she can be seen starring on NBC's midseason crimefighter drama 'The Cape.'

In similar-ish news, another Whedonverse alumna, Eliza Dushku, is due to visit ‘Big Bang Theory’ this season, Fancast reported last week.

‘Firefly’ faithful, what sort of “wink-wink” to the audience would suggest for Summer and Adam?

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