Bridget Marquardt Talks ‘Pushing Boundaries’ In Reality Show

Bridget Marquardt (Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

Bridget Marquardt (Michael Buckner/Getty Images)

The third and final of the original ‘The Girls Next Door’ to have a reality TV show – Bridget Marquardt – appears ready for her close-up.

In her tentatively titled pilot ‘Just Add Bridget,’ Marquardt will be out on her own in the show, without the protective Holmby Hills love shack known as the Playboy Mansion as her cover, similar to 2008’s Anna Faris comedy feature ‘The House Bunny.’

Marquardt is doing reshoots this week and fielding network interest for the pilot, which she shot earlier this year with director boyfriend of two years Nick Carpenter. (It's rumored to be going to A&E.) No longer dating Playboy boss Hugh Hefner as one of three girlfriends, Marquardt is living with Carpenter and their pets in a L.A. house, and working on an entertainment career.

Marquardt’s ‘Girls Next Door’ costar Holly Madison appeared on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ last year and ‘Holly’s World’ this summer, and Kendra Wilkinson did two seasons of E!’s ‘Kendra.’ Likewise, Marquardt, who appeared on one season of the Travel Channel’s ‘Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches’ in 2009, is working with ‘Girls Next Door’s’ production team on ‘Just Add Bridget.’

"We watched a rough cut of Bridget Marquardt's new reality show tonight. A lot of fun," Hefner Tweeted about the show Aug. 16.

The original 'Girls Next Door' cast (Marquardt, Madison and Wilkinson) starred on the show's first five seasons, from 2005 to 2009. But after Hefner stopped dating the three women in late 2008, the sixth season of 'Girls Next Door' shifted to Kristina and Karissa Shannon, two new Playmates.

‘Girls Next Door’s’ sixth season finale aired Aug. 8. Ratings fell sharply with the Shannon girls, from a couple million viewers per episode to around 950,000.

Marquardt took a few minutes to talk with Fancast about ‘Just Add Bridget,’ and if she would ever cha-cha on ‘Dancing with the Stars.’

Why did you want to do another reality show?
It was time to start on the next chapter, which was showing people what my life is like outside the Mansion now, and the new thing I am working towards. At first, I was thinking I want to do events. I love being creative, developing things, and creating experiences for people. I thought, maybe I want to do party planning or event consulting. Then, I realized what I want to do is much broader than that. I want to do creative consulting, or a whole line of Halloween costumes. I want to help with charity events, and bring parties to the Mansion and take them to a bigger level. Things like that. We decided to allow a film crew to come in and shoot a pilot on my life outside the Mansion, in my new house with my boyfriend and our pets. We are starting on this new career path.

Where did the idea come from?
All kinds of sources. I always knew that [a reality spin-off] was a strong possibility. With the production company that did 'Girls Next Door' and 'Bridget's Sexiest Beaches,' we talked about all of us doing spin-offs eventually. Not that this is a direct spin-off, but it kind of is, because it is a continuation of my life. We always knew it was a possibility once I finished traveling and doing the 'Beaches' show. When I got the house and my boyfriend moved in with me, I told him, 'You know there is a strong possibility we'll be doing a reality show in here, so I hope you're cool with that.' I think he was a little hesitant about it. Now, that we've filmed most of the pilot and seen a first cut of it, I think he feels more at ease with it.

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What is it like shooting your personal life with your boyfriend? What does he think?
When I was doing 'Girls Next Door,' I used to think okay, this life is already public. So it's not a big deal to make it even more public. But later in life, I want my own private life. I still want to do hosting on TV and stuff, but not a reality show. But, there are so many opportunities with a reality show, and I have so much fun doing it, that I really kind of missed it when it was all over. So I am excited to be doing it. As far as sharing my relationship on camera, it's a little bit different and awkward. But I feel like it's something I can get used to, and he will get used to it as well.

Will people like your boyfriend?
Well, we'll see if you like him or not. He is a little dark, a little sarcastic. He has definitely a very dry sense of humor. I think he takes a little getting used to sometimes. I don't necessarily think the audience is going to love him at first. But I think they will grow to love him, as did I.

Does the pilot have a network or air date?
Okay, so we shot a pilot, we pretty much finished it all up. We sent a rough cut to the networks. They loved it, had a few notes on it, though. So we are doing a few extra things for it this coming week. Just a few things that we thought needed to spice it up a little bit. Then, it will go back to the network, and hopefully we will have addressed everything they had in their notes. And we will go from there. Hopefully, we will get an order in the next couple weeks.

Is it one network or several?
It is for a specific network. We have a couple networks that are interested if this particular network decides to pass.

You filmed only one episode?
Yeah, we just stuck with the pilot. There is a whole bunch of stuff coming up that we really want to shoot, so we are hoping we get a confirmation on it soon, the greenlight to shoot. We have fun stuff in the works that we don't want to miss.

Is Hefner a creative consultant on the show? Is he seeing the filming?
I still talk to Hef, I still go to the Mansion sometimes. The executive producer on our show, Kevin Burns of Prometheus, he was also the executive producer on 'Girls Next Door' and 'Sexiest Beaches.' He is very good friends with Hef. He showed Hef a copy of the show. And Hef really, really liked it. In fact, I was shocked at how much he liked it. He thought it was sweet and romantic and fun. He really, really enjoyed it. So I am happy for that.

Is it going to be a lot different from the other spin-offs?
We keep saying that. We want ours to have a different look and be different than the other shows. I think we achieved that with a few different things. We have some hand-held camera in it. My boyfriend is a director. So he does some of the filming himself. We have that in there. I think we just push the boundaries a little bit more, especially in our opening act. But, I don't want to give too much away.

Didn’t you say you wanted to be on ‘Dancing With the Stars’?
When somebody first brought up 'Dancing With the Stars' to me, it might've been a friend of mine, I was like, 'Oh my God, there is no way I could do that, I am way too scared.' I am a chicken about it. But, then I talked to Holly about it. She said, 'Oh my God, no. If you get the opportunity, you should absolutely do it. It was one of the most fun experiences I had in my whole life.' The more I watch it, I think it would be really fun. I think I would have a great time with it. But I haven't been asked to do that yet, so we'll see.

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