‘Sons of Anarchy’s Kurt Sutter Apologizes For Charlie Hunnam Controversy

Kurt Sutter (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Kurt Sutter (Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

After a public back-and-forth between the ‘Sons of Anarchy’ creator Kurt Sutter and its star Charlie Hunnam over the show’s creative process, Sutter is admitting a Twitter rush to judgment.

"That was totally my bad," Kurt Sutter, who writes and executive-produces the FX show, told Fancast at the show's third season premiere party Monday in Hollywood. "I got baited into a conversation. Somebody sent me the excerpts of [Hunnam's interview]. It was taken completely out of context. I had a big reaction [and] didn't talk to Charlie first. I was just being a hothead, is the truth."

Hunnam gave an interview with the Chicago Tribune Aug. 12, saying, "There's a philosophy here, which I don't always agree with as an actor, that it's better for actors to know as little as possible. I actually don't agree with that because most of my experiences in acting are in film, where you know all of the answers going in, and you make your choices accordingly … Keeping actors in the dark is not always the right move, because without knowing the direction that something's going, one can make slight mistakes. There has to be a big psychological leap to get to where you're being taken."

In response, Sutter took to his Twitter, saying, "I regret some of my cast feel that the writers are conspiring to `keep actors in the dark,' … I love my cast and try to challenge their talent with quality writing and deep, 3-dimensional stories … that effort requires focus and time." He also Tweeted, "Perhaps if they were doing a network procedural they'd have a show-runner who could tell them everything and assuage their apprehension."

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On Monday, Sutter clarified his position.

"We always do a sit-down at the beginning of the season," Sutter said. "I do a sit-down one-on-one with all my actors and talk about some of the bigger arcs of the season. We discuss so that we're all the same page and doing the same homework. They don't necessarily know what we are going to do story-wise, but I don't want to drop any huge curves in their paths. If they have been doing work and going in one direction, I suddenly don't want to hit them with a curve. I do that with Charlie. Charlie and I have conversations really throughout the season. If there is a bigger emotional episode, we will sit down and have a conversation about it."

Hunnam, who is the show's star as Jax, is signed through seven seasons of 'Sons.' Asked Monday about working with Sutter, Hunnam was diplomatic.

"As much as he can tell us, as much as he knows, he tells us. He's very generous in that way … he has a firm start, middle, and end," Hunnam tells Fancast. "But, obviously, just the process of television is that it is constantly evolving. He sees things that are working and interesting, and he focuses on that. Sometimes as an actor, without all of the information, I find it can be a little bit tricky. But I just go and ask Kurt if I am ever unsure. He is a really fantastic boss. I'm very lucky to have him."

'Sons' premieres its third season Sept. 7 on FX. The show's DVD second season comes out today.

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