Emily Deschanel Reveals: ‘Bones’ Left Booth For Nothing!

    Emily Deschanel in 'Bones' Season 5 finale (Fox)

Emily Deschanel in 'Bones' Season 5 finale (Fox)

Yes, it’s true – when Fox’s ‘Bones‘ kicks off its sixth season, it will be revealed that Temperance Brennan put a pin in her life with Booth and flew across the world to an exotic excavation for exactly nothing.

In the September 23 season opener, at the time Bones gets a call from D.C. that Cam is in trouble, “I am looking through nothing. Looking through dirt,” Emily Deschanel shares in the red-carpet video below.

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So, the historic dig was an utter bust? "I can't say it's a bust, but… in terms of finding the key to human existence, it's kind of a bust," Deschanel admits.

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Press PLAY below to hear what else Brennan has been up to in the seven months since the season-ending split (hint: guerillas and snakes, oh my!), find out Temp’s take on Booth’s new girlfriend, and get a taste of the ‘Jersey Shore’-spoofing episode they have planned.

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