Will ‘Covert Affairs’ Danielle Spy Her Sister’s Secret?

Anne Dudek, 'Covert Affairs' (USA Network)

Anne Dudek, 'Covert Affairs' (USA Network)

Just as Sydney Bristow long concealed her super-secret ‘Alias’ from BFFs Francie and Will, Annie Walker of USA Network’s red-hot ‘Covert Affairs‘ (Tuesdays at 9/8c) must keep her own sister, Danielle, in the dark about her work as a CIA agent.

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Surveying the siblings’ sticky situation, Anne Dudek says, “It seems like a typical relationship between two sisters, and yet in the very middle of it is this huge lie” – albeit one Danielle might not ever be privy to.

It was that unusual dynamic, Dudek says, that drew her to the USA series, following runs on such shows as ‘House.’

“There’s this backstory that Danielle and Annie (played by Piper Perabo) were army brats always moving around and traveling, and I imagine the closest intimacy either of us has is with each other,” the actress notes. “So to have a wedge in the middle of that is really interesting to me.”

Will that wedge ever be extricated, even at the expense of a feeling of betrayal? Will Danielle ever deduce that her sis isn't some Smithsonian staffer but an elite spy?

“You can expect some close calls,” Dudek hints. “I don’t think Danielle will overtly question Annie about [her stories/behavior], but it is suspicious.”

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One small way in which ‘Covert Affairs’ one-ups ‘Alias‘ is that on occasion, Annie is seen sporting day-after bruises – which makes perfect sense considering she’s, you know, engaging in hand-to-hand combat with brawny baddies on many a late-night mission! Ms. Bristow, meanwhile, apparently exhibited some sort of “super-healing” ability.

"Right?!" Dudek exclaims when Fancast points out that difference. "'Covert Affairs' solved that, because Annie does come home all banged up." And while Dudek hopes that Danielle doesn't one day surmise that Annie has, like, an abusive boyfriend, she has to wonder: "How long is it going to take before Danielle starts putting some pieces together?"

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