‘Bachelorette’s Next Dates Include One Freak-Out, One Home Run

On ABC's 'The Bachelorette,' Ali surveys Kirk's dad's expansive taxidermy collection

On ABC's 'The Bachelorette,' Ali surveys Kirk's dad's expansive taxidermy collection

Which hometown date literally freaks out ABC ‘Bachelorette‘ Ali Fedotwosky? And which gent hit a real home run with the bubbly blonde?

As seen in the video clip below (first posted by ET) , Ali’s next round of dates run the gamut – including a house tour that features a real bunch of stiffs.

“Whoa…,” Ali flinches, as she descends the basement stairs of Kirk’s house and sets sight on his dad’s taxidermy collection. “Seeing all the animals all over the walls is kind of freaky,” she later remarks. “I love animals – but I love them when they’re alive.”

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Whereas Kirk’s cellar dwellers may have struck out with Ali, Roberto scores big time, surprising her with a playful catch on a Charleston, S.C. baseball field. “I love a guy in a baseball uniform,” Ali purrs to her one-of-four paramours.

“I think a baseball uniform is pretty much the sexiest thing a guy can put on,” she later confides to the camera.

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The other fellas’ hometown forays appear less eventful, at least based on the preview clip. The highlight of Chris L.’s time with Ali has him sharing, “I wouldn’t bring you here unless I was sure that [my family] liked you – and I was sure that I liked you.” Aww.

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Frank, meanwhile, is seen admitting that 'The Bachelorette' dating game "is a very stressful ordeal. There is a lot of emotions at stake…." Ya think?

“I’ve been dying to find that true love,” Frank adds, “and I think I might be looking at it right now.”

‘Bach’ fans: Based on the season thus far and the video evidence above, who do you think will emerge as Ali’s true love?

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