Aaron Sorkin Defends Writer in Newsweek Controversy

Aaron Sorkin and Kristin Chenoweth (Photo: Getty Images)

Aaron Sorkin and Kristin Chenoweth (Photo: Getty Images)

First there was Kristin Chenoweth. Next up was ‘Glee‘ creator Ryan Murphy and a slew of Broadway actors, all going on the attack against Newsweek writer Ramin Setoodeh over his article “Straight Jacket” in which the writer faulted gay actors for not being able to convincingly play straight characters.

Now comes a twist in the ongoing saga, because Chenoweth’s former romantic flame Aaron Sorkin, the creative force behind ‘The West Wing,’ has written a response to the Newsweek piece, but his position is in favor of Setoodeh, who is open about being gay himself.

“With sincere respect to Ms. Chenoweth and the hundreds and hundreds of Internet posters who’ve crashed down on Setoodeh in the last few days — some understandably passionate and some unfortunately hostile — I don’t think Setoodeh was being homophobic. Just wrong,” wrote Sorkin on the Huffington Post.

Sorkin puts the blame over the issue of gay or straight not on an opinion piece in Newsweek, but on the changing dynamics of audiences and the constant need for people to know the private lives of actors.

“In one short decade we have been reconditioned to be entertained by the most private areas of other people’s lives,” write Sorkin, a fact that leads audiences to think “gay” because of the actor’s exposed private life, rather than any acting ability — Sorkin does not believe gay or straight is something any actor can “play.”

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After pleading with Murphy and his followers to not boycott Newsweek, rather ditch tabloids like Us Weekly and In Touch, Sorkin ends by writing, “I promise you [Setoodeh] is on the side of the good guys.”

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