Updated: ‘Heroes’ Is Canceled

'Heroes' Milo Ventimiglia and Zachary Quinto (NBC)

'Heroes' Milo Ventimiglia and Zachary Quinto (NBC)

UPDATED: THR Feed is reporting that NBC has officially canceled ‘Heroes.’

Deadline confirms the cancellation, adding that NBC is “working on a way to wrap up the show,” which may include a two-hour or four-hour ‘Heroes’ special event.

Make no mistake – no one truly expected NBC to renew ‘Heroes‘ for a full fourth season. But there has been talk that the series would return for a partial run of, say, 13 episodes, if only to tie things up in a tidy little bow.

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Well, that talk is getting quieter and quieter. As NBC gets a better look at its options for the 2010-11 TV season it is becoming clear that the network will not order a new season of ‘Heroes,’ says New York Magazine.

Already NBC has its entire Thursday comedy lineup returning, ‘Law & Order’ and ‘SVU’ are locks to continue on, ‘Chuck’ is a fair bet to come back, and at least three hour-long reality series have been renewed.

On top of that, NBC has picked up the new hour-long series ‘Chase’ (from Jerry Bruckheimer), ‘Undercovers’ (from J.J. Abrams), ‘The Event’ and ‘Love Bites,’ as well as the half-hour comedies ‘Perfect Couples’ and ‘Outsourced.’

So you can see how the Peacock’s dance card is getting pretty full.

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But… but… there is some hope to see ‘Heroes’ Peter, Claire et al one last time.

“There’s a good chance the network will at least try to find a way to fund a two- or four-hour movie event,” to provide closure to the once-white-hot series, says New York.

In its heyday (meaning, the first season or so), 'Heroes' drew a supersized audience, sometimes as many as 17 million weekly viewers. But in the wake of the crippling 2008-09 Writers Guild strike, the show began a fast slide, and its Season 3 finale this past January mustered fewer than 5 million viewers.

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