Elizabeth Banks on ’30 Rock’s Finale, Three-Ways with Paul Rudd (?!)

Our time with the delightful Elizabeth Banks on ‘30 Rock‘ might be nearing its end.

As the May 20 season finale inches closer, Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) needs to decide between two lovers - Banks' CNBC reporter Avery Jessup or Julianne Moore's Boston firecracker Nancy Donovan. Who will he chose? Which actress might be back next season?

We chatted up the ‘40-Year-Old Virgin‘ star about the finale, those recent Chris Klein rumors, and just which cable news anchor she’s impersonating.

Here we go…

Will there be a big Avery and Nancy face-off in next week’s finale?
Julianne Moore and I do have a scene together. I don't know if it's quite the faceoff that you're expecting, but we do have a scene together. So we meet in finale.

Who do you think Jack should choose?
Well, I mean Avery's ego would definitely say he should choose Avery but probably only so Avery could dump him…I think he's probably playing with fire with Julianne's character…We'll see. We're both tough cookies. He should do whatever is best for him. Let's put it this way, I think no matter who he chooses, I don't know that this is going to be the be all end all for his love life.

What do you like about playing a love triangle?
The best thing about it is that I never see Nancy. Jack has not revealed to me who his other dalliances are with. I think Jack and Avery are both grown ups. I'm sure Avery feels competitive with this person, which is why she sort of put it to jack that he needed to decide. But she's a big girl and she'll get over it, whatever ends up happening.

So, will they all go their separate ways or will Avery win out over Nancy?
You have to watch next week because there is a conclusion to that question.

Watch the latest episode of ’30 Rock:’

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What was it like working with Matt Damon, Will Forte, and Michael Sheen in the finale?
It's pretty great. There were a lot of Oscar nominees on the set that day. I actually did not work with Matt Damon because his schedule got a little messed up and he ended up coming in after we wrapped the season to shoot…so we actually worked with his photo double. So I did not meet Matt Damon…But Will Forte looks so amazing on the season finale. I cannot wait for people to see what he's dressed as. I took about eight photos of myself with him because I so excited to have evidence that I was there when he was dressed the way he's going to be dressed next Thursday night.

Do you think you’ll be back next year?
Like with any show, and especially this show, you just never know year to year what the writers are going to decide they want to do or what direction they want to take things in. It's not quite wrapped up. It's open ended at the end of the season as to what's going to happen.

Would you consider settling down to be a regular on a series or do you like going from movies to guesting on TV?
I'm very happy going back and forth right now. I really love playing multiple characters. I'm not quite ready to commit to a single character for multiple years just yet. But I never rule it out. You never know.

Did any one cable news personality shape your character?
I watch a lot of cable news. It's sort of depressing [that] I watch cable news. I'm aware who all those personalities are and I really wanted to play it like any of those ladies who have those shows. I love [CNBC's] Maria Bartiromo. It was sort of based on her in my mind a little bit and also all the guys. I love the idea of the countdown. That was very [MSNBC's] Keith Olbermann so that's what I was impersonating. But she's an amalgam of many, many characters and contrary to the Page Six report, she is not based on any one person.

Have you received any feedback from any of these anchors?
Jake Tapper, who’s an ABC White House correspondent, I’m friendly with him and he Tweeted to me after the first episode aired that Fox was probably already calling to try to steal me from CNBC because I had done such a good job on my countdown show on the first show.

How did that Chelsea Handler reference to you get on the show?
I’m friendly with the writing staff on this show and there was a piece on my Twitter page about Chris Rock referring to me as Chelsea Handler and that was a call back to that… I get confused with Chelsea Handler often enough that we felt like it was a funny joke to put in show.

You’re very active on your Twitter.
I just like having a direct connection to my fans. And, the great thing about Twitter which the other social networks don't have is there is no expectation of returning anyone's tweet to me…If you're on Facebook and it's like 'Why don't you friend me, you bitch?'

What can you say about the report that you were with Chris Klein recently?
Chris Klein and I are friendly and we did share a car to and from a few events. But we are just friends. And, I feel bad because Paul Rudd was also in the car with us that night so no one mentioned that. I would've have fully accepted if they had said that I was like in a three-way with Paul and Chris Klein. Now that would've been news.

Who do you want to see back next season: Elizabeth Banks or Julianne Moore? Hit the comments with your pick!

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