‘Idol’ Power Rankings: Top 9

'American Idol' Top 9 (Photo: Fox)

'American Idol' Top 9 (Photo: Fox)

Didi’s gone, which should satisfy the haters, but goes to prove that this season of ‘American Idol‘ is completely out of whack. Whether you liked Didi or not, it’s tough to argue that she truly deserved to finish ninth in this competition.

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Beyond that, Siobhan Magnus had an off week, Lee Dewyze actually stepped up his game a bit and Andrew Garcia got himself back into the competition.

So what does it all mean for this week's power rankings? Let's find out:

The Top 9

1. Crystal Bowersox (Last week: #2): So maybe Crystal’s big surprise wasn’t so great. She played piano — not particularly well — but she sang her song very well, and gets big points for taking a chance and getting out of her comfort zone. She could have made her performance of “Midnight Train to Georgia” more captivating by dropping the backup singers, but she held her own and continued to dominate the competition.

2. Siobhan Magnus (Last week: #1): Everyone has an off night, and there was clearly something going on with Siobhan this week. She said on Wednesday night that she could throw out a thousand excuses, but it’s better that she didn’t. She got hammered by the judges, she took her lumps, and she survived. I’d expect her to come out stronger next week, but if she doesn’t, she might take a bit of tumble down the list.

3. “Big” Mike Lynche (Last week: #3): He’s done it. I thought Mike’s rendition of India.Arie’s “Ready for Love” was pretty indulgent. He tried to make it much more dramatic than it needed to be, and it was a little boring. But I enjoyed that he went back to his guitar playing and tried to get back to what got him into the finals in the first place. He deserve credit for continuing to take chances while his main competition continued to do the same thing he’s done all season.

4. Casey James (Last week: #3): Speaking of Mike’s main competition, Casey remained consistent this week, but the standing-in-the-middle-of-the-stage-with-a-guitar shtick is getting old quickly. His comment this week that he plans on continuing to play guitar every week was pretty disheartening. He needs to use the stage and be a true front man. He can continue his dream of being Stevie Ray Vaughan, but it won’t be during the finale of this show if he keeps this up.

5. Lee Dewyze (Last week: #7): Lee began the process of winning me over this week. His rendition of “Treat Her Like a Lady” was actually moving and soulful, which is more than could be said about pretty much any of his performances so far this season. Lee might be allowing himself to try different things as he gains confidence, and if that’s true I’ll start buying this all this “dark horse” talk.

‘Idol’ Elimination Is Out of Whack:

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6. Aaron Kelly (Last week: #5): Aaron was truly forgettable this week. I wasn’t even sure I wrote anything about him in my notes for Tuesday night’s episode. But I did. Here they are: “A little off.” Now, I know (I know, I know, I know, I know, I know) that I just wrote about Siobhan that everyone’s allowed to have an off night. But that pertains mostly to people who’ve proven they’re capable of great nights. Aaron hasn’t done that yet, so he can’t afford to have a forgettable week. He isn’t in any immediate trouble, but he’ll need to do something special soon, and would do himself a favor by getting back to his country vibe.

7. Andrew Garcia (Last week: #9): Andrew finally did it. He finally did something to prove that “Straight Up” wasn’t a total fluke. Kara was right when she said that he isn’t all the way back, but his performance on Tuesday was a huge leap in the right direction. If Andrew is truly back on track, he still has a chance to make some noise. He probably doesn’t have a chance to win, but he could still make a strong run for the Top 5 with a couple more strong nights.

8. Katie Stevens (Last week: #8): Once again, Katie proved she’s a good singer but is just too young to really develop an image. Randy was a little bit right on Tuesday when he said Katie had some “Christina (Aguilera)” potential, but, as I mentioned in our live “Eye on Idol” chat Thursday, her image is just too innocent to pull off anything like that. That leaves her stuck with a voice that’s too mature for her age, and that’s difficult to market.

9. Tim Urban (Last week: #10): I give it two more weeks, tops.

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