Weekend Movie Guide On Demand & Online: March 12-14

What do you want to watch movie-wise this weekend without leaving the comfort of your warm and snuggly home? Here’s a short list of movies On Demand and others you can watch free online.


Watch for the Most Undead Fun Possible: Zombieland
Woody Harrelson is Tallahassee and Jesse Eisenberg is Columbus, two guys traveling across America surviving and having fun wherever they can after the zombie apocalypse. Things get complicated and even more fun when they run across grifter sisters Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin, as well as one of the best celebrity cameos of all time.

Watch for James Gandolfini’s Heavy Breathing: Where The Wild Things Are
Maurice Sendak’s classic challenging children’s story is brought to a dark and moody life by Spike Jonze. The big furry beasts are products of old-school movie magic that’ll have you wondering how they pulled it all off.

Watch for an Oscar-Winning Odyssey: Precious: Based on the Novel ‘Push’ by Sapphire
Best Supporting Actress winner, Best Adapted Screenplay winner, Best Actress nominee and Best Director nominee. Find out why Sandy Bullock really should have given her award to Gabby Sidibe.


Watch Something Faster And Furiouser: Death Race
Jason Statham is a convict revved up to race in a sick spectator sport for the chance to earn his freedom. Joan Allen turning a hell of profane phrase makes it all worth it.

Watch Perhaps The Best Comedy Ever: The Jerk
Steve Martin's breakthrough comedy hit about the painfully naive Navin R. Johnson's quest to fame, fortune and jerkhood is always worth your time. If you haven't seen it before, you'll understand Steve's joke at the Oscars about being born a poor black child.

Watch Romeo Take On Robin Hood: Body of Lies
Leonardo DiCaprio is an undercover agent working in the Middle East who finds himself going head to head with Russell Crowe, the guy who's supposed to be on his side but is secretly running his own side games. Life is crazy outside the green zone.

Watch While Your Jaw Drops To The Floor: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
You haven't lived until you've seen Peter Frampton, The Bee Gees, George Burns, Aerosmith and Steve Martin performing in a strange musical based entirely on the music of The Beatles. It's truly one of the seven wonders of the 70s.

Watch Pixar Perfection: Monsters Inc.
Billy Crystal and John Goodman are the lovable creatures in charge of scaring kids in this kids' classic. Refresh yourself on this nugget of joy and marvel at how Pixar has always been amazing.

Watch Don Cheadle Be Awesome: Traitor
Yes, Cheadle’s always awesome, but if you liked his undercover troubles in Brooklyn’s Finest, you should see him take it to the next level as a CIA operative infiltrating a terrorist group whose loyalties nobody really knows.


Watch A Magic Walken Work: The Dead Zone
Christopher Walken wakes up from a five year coma with strange psychic powers that allow him to see the future on contact. How nuts do you think he'll get when he touches a politician and sees a nuclear holocaust?

Watch The Perennial Oscar Nominee: Dark Matter
Meryl Streep finds herself in the midst of a scientific clash of ideas in higher education between an ambitious Chinese student (Liu Ye) and his departmental mentor (Aidan Quinn). How about a movie where you don't actually have to turn your brain off!

Watch In Sheer Mystified Awe: Modify
Check out a documentary delving deep into the strange, disturbing world of body modification and ritual scarring. You won't believe what people will do to themselves.

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