‘Dark Knight’s’ Christopher Nolan To Mentor ‘Superman’

Warner Bros. has finally decided how to get their Superman movie franchise back into gear – put the same guy who made all these kickass Batman movies in charge. Christopher Nolan, director of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, has been asked to take on a “godfather” mentoring role for the development of a new Superman movie, ostensibly to put it more in line with his Batman tone in order to set up for an eventual Justice League movie. It’s highly unlikely that he’ll direct it, of course, since he’s currently scripting the third Bafilm with his brother Jonathan and David Goyer, but giving Nolan some say on the Big Blue Boy Scout is certainly a confidence builder.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/movies/Superman-Returns/41401/88268777/-Superman-Returns—-Lois-and-Clark/embed 580 476]

We all remember 2006’s Superman Returns, of course, and how it made big money but disappointed audiences with its daring choices that didn’t quite pan out, turning Kal-El into a deadbeat dad, a single mother Lois Lane who barely looked old enough to drive and trying to make a direct sequel to Richard Donner’s first two Superman films more than 20 years after the fact. The new film is said to be an entirely new enterprise, and will definitely not be a sequel to Bryan Singer’s effort. So brace yourselves, folks. If Nolan can help do for Superman what he did for Batman, maybe somebody will get an Oscar for playing Lex Luthor.

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