Between the Tweets: ‘Scrubs’ Returns, Richie Back on TV & More



‘Scrubs’ was the hottest topic on Twitter last night, even cracking the Top 10 Trends. Creator Bill Lawrence (@VDOOZER) had really stepped up the Twitter efforts earlier in the day, and shared this: “Want to see me with #zachbraff on an awesome online q and a? check it out

Viewers were quick to weigh in on the new class, bringing back a series that already had an ending, and how it will fare without Zach Braff on board for the entire season. @dioramicview shared, “I’m on the fence about the new ‘Scrubs’ episodes. Funny, but different. It’ll be odd without JD for most of the season.” @kaspershow tweeted, “Didn’t think it would be, but the new slightly-tweaked Scrubs was pretty funny.”

One of the show’s stars, Eliza Coupe (@Eliza_Coupe) sent this to her tweeps earlier today: “Good morning all. Thanks for watching last night! We’ll be making more funny episodes starting at 5am this morning. Yay.”

One of the most active tweeters, Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano), has been filming a guest spot on ‘Castle,’ and shared some thoughts about her last day on set: “I just received the MOST beautiful flowers from @NathanFillion. I’m going to miss seeing him every day so, so, so much. Nathan Fillion also shared this from Milano’s final day: “Here I am, plotting ways to keep @Alyssa_Milano on Castle.

Milano’s episode of ‘Castle’ airs on January 4th.

Nicole Richie (@nicolerichie) is planning a return to TV, and tweeted this yesterday: “BIG NEWS!! MY NEW SHOW FOR ABC!!

Richie will be producing and starring in a half hour scripted comedy about a young professional woman’s challenges in balancing traditional vs. modern views.

Who to follow today: For everyone who can’t wait for the return of ’24,’ check out CTU brain Mary Lynn Rajskub (@arajskub), who not only shares behind the scenes pics like this, but is also a very, very funny lady and a gifted comedienne!

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