Will the New ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Doc Eye Izzie’s Man?

Grey's Anatomy (ABC)

Grey's Anatomy (ABC)

This week on ABC’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ (Thursdays at 9/8c), the halls of Seattle Grace will be more crowded than ever – and the competition for sexy surgeries more fierce – as the residents of cross-town rival Mercy West rub shoulders and butt heads with Meredith & Co.

Nora Zehetner, along with fellow ‘Everwood‘ alumna Sarah Drew, Jesse Williams (‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2‘) and Robert Baker (‘Valentine‘), represents the “enemy” invasion threatening to rob at least one longtime SGH resident of his/her position on the merged staff.

Since 'Grey's' debuted, Mer, Izzie, Alex and Cristina "have been fighting amongst themselves to be the best doctor," Zehetner notes. "Now, just as that has finally settled down, they have all these new people coming in to deal with."

Zehetner describes her character, Dr. Reed Adamson, as "rather feisty. She's a really good doctor, and she basically just wants to do a good job."

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The Seattle Grace regulars, however, just want her and the other interlopers gone. As a result, the newcomers are met with tension from everybody, says Zehetner. “But there’s definitely some fighting between Reed and Izzie and Alex.”

Need Izzie worry about not just losing a job to her headstrong peer, but maybe also her brand-new husband? Or might Reed instead set her romantic sights on Lexie's beau, Mark? Or, gasp, even Derek?

Surveying the many McMen to ostensibly choose from, Zehetner says, “They’re all pretty cute, and Reed takes notice of all of them.”

Then again, Dr. Adamson might not be around long enough to "play doctor" with anyone, depending on how this tenuous merger unfolds. At this early stage, it's unclear if any of the new faces will evolve into long-term keepers.

“Maybe somebody will stick around – who knows,” Zehetner shrugs. “It will depend on storylines and how people respond.” And whether or not Reed survives the beat-down Izzie might have planned for her!

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