‘Rachel Zoe Project’: Taylor Jacobson Talks Season Finale

Thanks so much guys for watching this season of ‘The Rachel Zoe Project.’ I hope you got to check out the season finale last night.

If you watched it, did you like it? As you can probably tell, I am now helping Rachel with the QVC line, so things worked out on that end. The 'Let's Get Physical' shoot was also so stressful, but it went fantastic.

There were some questions I didn’t get to last week (and the week before that!) that I wanted to chat about today.

The turquoise necklace is vintage from Jenni Kane, a store in Los Angeles.

How can I afford my clothing? I do have good relationships with the PR people and some of them are my friends they are very generous if I need to borrow a dress or something temporarily. They let me borrow samples. In terms of buying, I am actually in debt a little I guess because I buy so much! But not really, I mean I go without other things in my life so I can get stuff that I like.

That leather jacket with the zipper up the back? I wanna say it's Preen from Curve in Los Angeles. Preen does very graphics oriented stuff - sharp shoulders and things like that.

One of you asked about my sweatpants. Those were Free City. (I can't believe someone wants to know what sweatpants I wear! Love it!)

The scooter? My friend already crashed and I ran into a meter the other night! It's an electric razor that goes 15 mph. I don't know the exact model though.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Rachel-Zoe-Project/99707/1293772667/A-Sexy-Photoshoot/embed?skipTo=0 420 382]

The colorful crystal flower necklace I wear is Tom Binns, I’m pretty sure from Barney’s.

The gold tassel bracelet I wear with my men’s watch is Rosarch.

My yellow shoes are Christian Louboutin.

I'm so not fit! I recently started working out with my sister who is a personal trainer. And yes, I do pilates. I run around constantly so I don't have much time for it. I do the pilates at a studio but I do weights and cardio with my sister.

The American Apparel shirts that are the best are the men's deep V neck. I own them in every color. I like James Pierce a lot, Alexander Wang makes great t-shirts and I like his tanks as well.

Yes, you are right that Rachel is a triple Virgo. I am a Taurus and Brad is a Leo.

In LA, I love The Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills hotel. I'm constantly at Byron and Tracy's Salon because I always need my color done by Danny H. I like The Dark Room. I like El Carmen on 3rd street (it's this dark cool Mexican restaurant and bar). I love the Tea room, which just opened up. (My God, I sound like an alcoholic!) I like Boss Sushi on La Cienega, I love K Town and their Korean BBQ. Neighborhoods I love 3rd street by Orlando and Sweetzer, by Jones on 3rd - and I also LOVE Abbot Kinney.

And you are right - unfortunately we don't use Polaroids anymore since they were discontinued. It's a travesty! So we use digital cameras.

As far as my other hobbies, I used to oil paint for a while - I find it relaxing. But I don't really do that anymore.

That’s it guys – it’s all I can get to, since it’s a crazy week! I hope you had as much fun this season as I did. I hope to talk to you guys again soon! And make sure to check out Rachel’s QVC line.

Thanks so much everyone!

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