Taylor Jacobson: “I Don’t Webcam For Money!”

Hey guys, I’m back. It’s been a crazy week!

I wanted to start off by answering a couple of questions that a few of you asked on some of my other posts.

The white shirt I wear is Proenza Schouler. The big gold cone ring is Van Cleef. The pink flat gladiators are Lanvin. My black motorcycle boots are Miu Miu. (Those are old!) The grey leather jacket I had over my cardigan, it was a horrible outfit, but that's from Curve, a boutique in LA and NY. It's flattering, thank you for thinking I have good style!

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Oh, and about the webcaming that Brad mentioned in last week's episode, I don't webcam for money, that was a joke. Brad and I were just joking around. Also I did actually invite Brad over for KFC in season one. We had KFC randomly but I haven't had KFC in a year. And that cross in my necklace is supposed to be sideways. That's the design of it.

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Getting my own show? Thanks for the support and the encouragement. I think I'm kind of a little too awkward to carry off my own show. I don't necessarily see more reality TV on my own unless it's with Rachel…maybe, I don't know actually. If the right project was presented, I would do it. I might go off on my own if things don't work out with Rachel.

[iframe http://xfinitytv.comcast.net/tv/The-Rachel-Zoe-Project/99707/1271768353/Inheritors-of-Rachel-Zoe%2C-Inc./embed?skipTo=0 420 382]

Rachel was sick in this week's episode. She got really sick and I had to take her home, as you saw. She does kind of actually progressively get a little bit more sick and sees a doctor. We did eventually find out what is wrong with her, but you have to watch the next episode to find out.

On the episode, she was joking about the fact that if something were to ever happen to her and she had kids, she would leave them to me, and that was kinda funny. But I mean, I hope she would. We have a good working relationship. We really love and care about each other. I worry about her like I worry about my family and I don't just worry because I'm paid to. We're like family, that's why it makes everything twice as complicated in terms of the boss and employee relationship.

I was asked if I could ever see Rachel having kids. I hope so, I mean Rodger - both of them - would be amazing parents. I do hope that happens. I don't think our relationship would change if they were to have kids, but I think it would change how she runs her business. Children are a big responsibility and right now a lot of things are going on in Rachel's life. Not in a good or bad way, just a big change. Now in terms of myself having kids? No way man, as of now I could never myself having kids! I'm good right now.

Last week's show kind of touched upon my dating habits. I am single, but I do have someone that I do like and we're dating, but nothing serious. I was in a serious relationship for three years and we broke up I think midway through filming this year. It's separate, my relationships and the show. At least I try to keep it separate.

What am I up to this week? Monday I styled Jennifer Garner for her appearance on 'Ellen' and 'The Jay Leno Show,' and also got ready for her movie premiere - 'The Invention of Lying.' We ran from place to place. Monday was a long day. She wore an amazing Gucci dress.

Jennifer Garner at the movie premiere (Getty Images)

Jennifer Garner at the movie premiere (Getty Images)

What else am I up to? I went to Rachel's premiere party in New York the other day, but I didn't really go out anywhere else. I also got an electric scooter! It's gonna sound so dorky, but I like to scoot everywhere around my neighborhood. That's what I've been doing at night. My friend and I got scooters so we scoot to dinner, we scoot around town - that's kind of what I've been into lately. It just popped in my head one day, I wanted to create a scoot gang. I went online and we got scooters. Also I wanted to be more green, and cut down on carbon emissions. I haven't named my scooter but am still in the process of fixing it up. I want to paint it all black and stuff, I want to get some lights for it. I want to supercharge it and get rims - but unfortunately you can't get rims for scooters, I already investigated it. I know, I'm a really big nerd! I'm so not cool. I am so different from Brad and Rachel. I like things like that. Anyways I can ride it on the sidewalk, and so my mom and dad think I'm gonna kill myself if I ride it on the street, so I'm careful. My friend ate sh*** though, so we had to get helmets.

Taylor and her scooter

Taylor and her scooter

Oh! I watched ‘Gossip Girl‘ on Monday night. It was a great episode. I really love Chuck Bass, the character, is always dressed in suits, ties, man jewelry, suspenders, he’s just always manicured. I think it’s really cool and his character is supposed to be like 19 year old? Ha. Not really watching anything else.

'Gossip Girl' (CW)

I'm also getting ready for Halloween already since it's my favorite holiday of all time. Last year I was a glass of champagne. I love champagne! I wore all sequence and sparkly earrings, and stuff. No parties lined up, I'm so not cool! I like to do random stuff.

Also, I've been hearing about comedians who are impersonating Rachel. Some of them are funny. Not when it gets offensive - I think one started talking about AIDS. That wasn't cool. But other than that they seem pretty funny. Whom would I love to play me in a funny skit? Brad Goreski from 'The Rachel Zoe Project' in drag! It would make a great Lifetime original movie, for him to portray the trials and tribulations of Taylor Jacobson hahaha.

Thanks for reading, guys. Come back next week. If you have any questions, write them up in the comments and I will try my best to answer them.

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