Taylor Jacobson Guest Blogs: “I Don’t B.S.”

Hey everyone, good to be back. I wanted to talk a little bit about last night's episode, what's been happening with Team Zoe and what's going on in my life this week.

We're not doing the Emmys and I probably won't be doing any Emmy parties this year. Rachel and Brad might be, though. I don't really go to any parties, so I definitely won't be doing anything. Actually, I talked a little about that on last night's episode. It's not that I have anything against the fashion parties per se, but that's my personal time. It's like a job when you go to those parties. I can relax at home. I work really long hours, and my job is very time consuming. So when it's time to go home, I wanna be with my friends and my family. That's not how I choose to spend my personal time.

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Today is pretty busy. We have a crazy photo shoot this weekend, and we have Demi [Moore] for the Clinton dinner next week, so we're busy as usual. I just got back from New York and this week I have a fitting with Demi, so I've been going to showrooms and calling in samples from New York, and trying to wrap up a commercial that we did this past weekend. So I've been in the office, at showrooms, and at clothing stores. Just wrapping up the New York job and prepping for an LA job for a fitting tomorrow.

Taylor (Bravo)

Taylor (Bravo)

Let's talk about last night's episode. Some articles that came out today were wondering why Rachel and Brad were styling a model on the episode. Typically, a stylist doesn't separate between celebs and A-listers and every day people. I mean, people need help with their wardrobe and that includes models, celebrities, and also doctors, lawyers, etc. Not everyone finds it easy to get dressed. And models, just because they walk the runway, that doesn't mean that they ARE fashion, they just wear the clothes. That doesn't necessarily mean that they might have taste or anything (That sounds really rude! But I don't mean it in that way). And that model is a good friend of Rachel's and she was going to a party.

CLIP: Rachel styles a model

And what's up with this Taylor the Bayler nickname that Brad mentioned last night when I decided not go to the party? I always bail! I'm like 'fine, I'll go to the party,' but then I say "ugh, I just worked a 20 hour day. I just wanna be home." So it's more of a joke. At the end of the day I just want to go home.

CLIP: Taylor the Bayler!

Another interesting moment on the show was when Rachel pointed to me after she had read that "pin thin" article and she asked me to tell her the truth. That's because I don't bullshit. I'll just tell you how it is and I'll tell Rachel how it is. And that's just how I am with clients - that's how I am with everyone. I just don't sugarcoat anything. I don't think it's necessary. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just being honest, and you can't get mad or criticize someone for that. I don't want someone to bullshit me if I looked bad in a dress, or if I looked good in a dress, or whatever. Honesty is really important.

CLIP: How does Rachel react to tabloid gossip?

And speaking of that moment, people ask me if the media or being in fashion makes me feel pressured with body-image issues? Not at all. I think that we all have nice bodies, it's just about everyone just embracing it and being confident. I think the media just spins things so that they'll have something to talk about. And actually I don't really think I've known girls in this industry who have a bad body image. I also don't think it's a problem just within this particular industry - I think it's society in general that puts a very high expectation for women to be a particular size or to be sexy. I think its any industry. It's society.

And about the tabloid stuff? I really don't pay attention to that stuff and I haven't really heard anything. Unfortunately people say mean things about Rachel, but it's always the same bullshit. They always say the same thing - Her being thin or her being unhealthy. It's like ugh. Snooze. I really don't pay attention.

What else am I doing this week? Well, I loved 'Gossip Girl!' It premiered last night and it was amazing. Best show EVER. I just think it's fabulous. It's the best show on TV - so entertaining! I love all the characters.

'Gossip Girl' (CW)

'Gossip Girl' (CW)

I also saw 'Sorority Row' last night too. It was a horror flick, and it was good. I mean, Rumer Willis was in it, who we dress. So I'm a big supporter of her, I think she's really cool. We got to dress her for the premiere, for press, for the TV shows she did for the film, like Letterman (morning shows and night shows).

Oh, and the Emmys are this Sunday, right? I've been asked if we're doing anything for it, but we're not. Honestly, I am not a big award show person, so I consider myself lucky I am not doing anything this weekend! I probably won't watch it, though.

Taylor Swift at VMAs (Getty Images)

Taylor Swift at VMAs (Getty Images)

By the way, the VMAs were amazing this past weekend. Taylor Swift, she's just such a good performer. I thought the telecast was so interesting this year, considering the whole Kanye/Taylor Swift thing. I thought Taylor was so cute. The dress she was wearing when Kanye came up on stage - I want to say it's Marchesa, but I'm not sure. I loved it though. I think the VMAs are always fun to watch because people go all out. And the performances! Lady Gaga bleeding to death on stage! See, stuff like that is what really interests me, it's so exciting. Everyone is having a good time, and it's not so stuffy.

Okay guys, hope you're having a good week! Come back next Tuesday for the next edition of my Fancast guest blog.

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Thanks everyone!

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