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By Taylor Jacobson
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Taylor Jacobson (Bravo)

Taylor Jacobson (Bravo)

Hey everyone! Glad to be talking to you and giving you a glimpse into my life and into 'The Rachel Zoe Project.' It's been kind of crazy because of Fashion Week. There's lots going on, but I wanted to take the time to write a little about myself and the show.

I’m sure some of you want to know how exactly I ended up with Rachel.
I have worked with Rachel forever, it seems. The last three years I have worked with her consistently. I met her - well I basically solicited her until she took a meeting with me. I heard that we would hit it off really well so I just put the word out to every possible person - like doctors, PR people, random people I knew that were friends with Rachel. And then she's like 'oh my god I have to meet this Taylor.' So she called me and set up a meeting and we've been working ever since.

What I love about working with Rachel is that she does not micromanage. She lets you do things at your own pace. She is super cool and very easy to get along with. But as much as I love Rachel and we have a great working relationship, being an assistant or an associate has a ceiling. I can only go so far. I don't necessarily want to be an assistant for the rest of my life. I would like to maybe do my own styling and really develop the products with Rachel. The last few episodes have really portrayed that side of me, and that goal that I have.

And some great things are happening right now, which are allowing me to take more ownership. Rachel just came out with her own line of products with QVC. It's basically accessories. There's jewelry, there are sunglasses, there is fake fur. She did a soft launch during Fashion Week and we're doing a hard launch in October. That's really exciting. Hopefully that will be well received.

Taylor on the job (Bravo)

Taylor on the job (Bravo)

So, with this line, I bring new ideas to the table, I help in consulting with the jewelry design, resourcing vintage pieces, stuff like that. Since it's so at the beginning, though, there are a lot of gray areas. So hopefully - knock on wood - the QVC stuff will be popular, and it will become a full time job, where I help Rachel with product development. But you know, juggling Rachel's 75 million clients and 56 ad campaigns and junkets while trying to do the QVC line is a BIG gray area. It's wild, there's a lot going on and a lot of overlapping stuff.

CLIP: Taylor isn’t so sure about Fashion Week anymore

That was one of the things that we talked about on last week's episode, when I was sort of airing out my grievances. Those episodes were real. I was annoyed and I eventually did speak to Rachel - oh, and stay tuned and watch me talk to Rachel about that on an upcoming episode. Basically, she knows I have frustrations with my job because I've been here for so long and I do want to grow, personally and professionally. She understands. She's an intelligent business woman, so she knows what it's like to be ambitious and stuff. And that's why she's a cool boss - she gets it. She knows.

Now let's get down to the show. What's shooting like? We work in the studio like you see on the show. The camera crews come in anywhere from 6am, 7am, 10am until like two in the afternoon. They basically kind of follow Rachel, Brad and myself around, depending on what they're allowed to film. Rachel does have high profile clients, so not everything that we do can be filmed. But it's a really organic way of shooting. They kind of just follow us around and show what we do.

Rachel Zoe & Taylor Jacobson (Bravo)

Rachel Zoe & Taylor Jacobson (Bravo)

The show hasn't really changed my life at all. In the long run, the show is helping Rachel gain more exposure to launch her products. But I'm the same. I come to work, do my job, go home. To be honest everything is kind of the same - minus…well, some woman yesterday when I was in Stella McCartney doing a pull - I was like, okay, I'm working, but I want to try on these new boots. And she goes. "You're that girl from the show. Aren't you always supposed to be busy? Hmmm. Surprise, surprise that you can try on a pair of boots." And she walks away. I think, "what!?" I mean, who says that?! I just kept on trying my boots, and I think, well someone will come back and pick up the clothes later. Those types of things are weird, they happen once in a while. Overall, though I don't think my life has changed.

Oh, and I'm really not a bitch, I'm just particular. I just like things done a certain way. It always gets interpreted a certain way on the show, though. And I don't complain that much! The show really shows that I complain all the time. I really don't!

I’m a really nice person, and I genuinely care about people’s feelings, which doesn’t really seem to be portrayed on the series.

CLIP: ‘Bad Press’

And about the negative media stuff: at the end of the day, you can't have the good without the bad. I don't really pay attention to what mean people say. There's always gonna be haters. I don't really care. I have thick skin, it doesn't matter to me. I know Rachel, I know Brad and I know myself. People can say whatever they want. It doesn't make a difference to me.

Taylor & Brad (Bravo)

Taylor & Brad (Bravo)

Here's some other fun stuff about me. Some things might just surprise you:

I have a shopping problem. My closet is filled with sooo much stuff. You don't understand. I have rolling racks of boxes with clothes and shoes. I'm a shopaholic! It's a side that you don't see on the show. I'm actually a really private person, so I don't talk about shopping and that kind of stuff, so you don't see that on the show.

My personal style? Edgy (I hate that word!). I guess kind of a mixture. I mean I like anything eclectic.

Check out how you can get Taylor’s style

I shop at Curve in LA, I shop at Barneys, Maxfield, Stella McCartney,

I LOVE rap. I'm all about rap. I'm so into the rap culture. Like Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Tupac, all of that. My favorite artist is Jay-Z! I die! And I love Notorious B.I.G. I watch the movie 'Notorious' probably every other day. I also totally bump rap in my car. My iPod is like 50 Cent, Tupac, T.I., Lil Wayne, I am really eclectic though in my music taste. I can't live without my rap, but I also love like the Cold War Kids, Miley Cyrus (but don't tell anyone), Britney Spears. I like depressing songs too, like Stairway to Heaven. Yeah, I know, I'm really random with music.

A perfect day for me is when nothing goes wrong at work, and everything goes smoothly. And then I get to see my parents that night. That would be the perfect day.

Lady Gaga At The 2009 VMAs (Getty Images)

Lady Gaga At The 2009 VMAs (Getty Images)

I think the best dressed person in the biz right now is Lady Gaga. She's pretty amazing. Her outfits are more like costume pieces. That's so interesting to look at. I mean obviously there's also Kate Moss (I know that's not an original answer!), but she always has great style. I kinda also like Emma Roberts. I think she's so cute. I think lately she's been kind of dressing really cute - like at the Teen Choice Awards. Her street style is really cute too.

Emma Roberts at the Teen Choice Awards (Getty Images)

Emma Roberts at the Teen Choice Awards (Getty Images)

Who would I love to style? Hmmm. Definitely Britney Spears. I'm all about Britney Spears. I just think it would be really cool if she had a new album that was coming out (this is hypothetically speaking, of course), just to work with her from start to finish. That would be amazing. To figure out the mood of the album, create the look of the music videos, and create an everyday style for her. Like a whole revamp - a whole new look for her. It would be all centered around her music. I think that would be cool!

Well that was my little way of showing you another side of me that you might not see on the show. I'll be back here at Fancast every week, on Tuesday afternoons, starting tomorrow, to chat about the show, what happens behind the scenes, and what's going on in my life. Feel free to ask questions in the comments and I'll try to answer them.

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