‘Heathers’ Remake Headed to TV

Christian Slater in 1988's 'Heathers' (New World)

Christian Slater in 1988's 'Heathers' (New World)

‘What is your damage?’

That’s usually my reaction when I hear Hollywood has added another remake to the lazy, out-of-ideas shelf.

But a revival of the original ‘Mean Girls’–the ones with ‘Dear Diary’ entries that would shock even ‘Gossip Girl’? Now that cliques.

Fox is remaking the 1988 classic mean teen flick ‘Heathers‘ into a television series, according to Variety.

And, no, this doesn’t appear to be a tease like the fizzled film sequel or the muted musical version.

The modernized dark comedy has legit names attached-writer Mark Rizzo and Jenny Bicks ('Sex and the City')-and will still feature the characters Veronica, J.D. and the Heathers, made famous by Winona Ryder, Christian Slater and Shannen Doherty. (No word yet on Betty Finn or Martha Dumptruck.)

Hey Fox, two of those three should be more-than-available to reprise their original roles!

Christian Slater, however, can be found on ABC this fall in the latest Jerry Bruckheimer crime-solver, ‘The Forgotten.’ Which hopefully will not be as forgettable as his NBC show from last season, ‘My Own Worst Enemy.’

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