At Long Last, Godzilla Rises From The Ashes

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Tokyo, beware. Godzilla is rising again.

There are those of us who grew up wishing for an amazing film that took the popular and fascinating concept of the massive unstoppable thunder lizard and stripped out all the ‘dancing rubber man in a suit’ camp to create a truly terrifying nightmare monster movie. We then proceeded to weep openly when Roland Emmerich’s big-budget flop thudded into theaters back in 1998. Some of us hated it so much that we punished Emmerich by irrationally and retroactively despising his earlier work that we’d previously thought was fun entertainment, like Independence Day. How long, we cried! For how long have you destroyed the chance of seeing our dreams realized?

Turns out it only took 11 years, which is much shorter than our fears of “never in our lifetime.” Legendary Pictures, the production company behind Batman Begins, is planning to revive the beast into another major motion picture. It’s in the very early going, so there are no details to share, but come on. They have to know what they need to do to make this work, especially after Cloverfield showed everyone that giant monster movies can work if they’re done right. C’mon guys. Give us Godzilla Begins. The monster nerds of the world are counting on you to set things right. Maybe then we can forgive Emmerich and move on. Maybe then we can enjoy disaster porn such as 2012 like other audiences do without shedding quiet tears for our beloved radioactive ape-whale.

The clip above shows Godzilla’s beginnings in Ishiro Honda’s classic 1954 film Gojira (the name itself being a combination of the Japanese words for “gorilla” and “whale”), which was Americanized into Godzilla: King of the Monsters with spiced-in footage of Raymond Burr [whom you can also catch in the Free Fancast Flick The Brass Legend] reacting to the narrative. The clip below shows the last big film our beloved monster appeared in – 2004’s Godzilla: Final Wars.

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And then, of course, there are these unforgettable ladies.

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